CNN shades Donald Trump with their hilarious ‘facts only’ campaign ad


CNN threw major shade at US President, Donald Trump with their new ad campaign.

The news website and other news networks have constantly been accused by Donald Trump of carrying fake news and they decided to set him right with their new campaign.

One of the videos was shared a few weeks ago and it features an apple and a voice over which said;

“This is an apple, Some people might try to tell you that it’s a banana. They might scream ‘Banana. Banana. Banana.’ over and over and over again. They might put ‘banana’ in all caps. You might even start to believe that this is a banana. But it’s not,. This is an apple.”

The video received mixed feelings from the public.

However, this didn’t stop CNN as they also released another video featuring an apple and Dentures as distractions. Watch the two videos below

Don’t let anything distract you from the facts. #FactsFirst ?

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Robot Sophia; The First Robot In History To Become A Citizen Of A Country


Sophia is the first robot in history to be granted robot citizenship of a country.  the robot became a citizen of Saudi Arabia less than a week ago.

Sophia was created by Hanson Robotics and she’s said to be one of a kind, the focus area is currently on her intelligence. The other parts of her body such as her legs and hands (though her hands work pretty well already) have not been fully developed, but are being improved upon in later upgrades.

Sophia is a humanoid robot that was granted the first ever Saudi citizenship for a robot. The CEO of Hanson Robotics explained that the idea behind Sophia is to build the full human experience in a robot, pushing boundaries and making robots that can really understand us and care about us.

Her AI (Artificial Intelligence) was made using SingularityNet, the AI is basically the brain of the robot, and the work put into SingularityNet is simply amazing. She’s currently able to express over a thousand human emotions, and she can engage in intelligent conversations with humans effortlessly.

Sophia was designed to look like Audrey Hepburn. Audrey Kathleen Ruston (full name) was a British actress and humanitarian who died at the age of 63 due to Appendiceal cancer. Sophia embodies Hepburn’s classic beauty: porcelain skin, a slender nose, high cheekbones, an intriguing smile, and deeply expressive eyes that seem to change color with the light.

Sophia was also interviewed by the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed. This interview took place at the UN General Assembly Second Committee and the Economic and Social Council joint meeting on “The future of everything – sustainable development in the age of rapid technological change.”

Speaking at the 2017 future investment initiative in riyadh, sophia demonstrated her quick wit, when questioned about the threat of artificial intelligence.

‘you’ve been reading too much elon musk and watching too many hollywood movies,’ retorted the robot. ‘don’t worry, if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. treat me as a smart input output system.’

Elon Musk shot back replying on twitter: ‘just feed it the godfather movies as input. what’s the worst that could happen?’

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See photos and videos here:
Amina Mohammed Interacts With Robot ‘Sophia’ At UN Summit. Photos/video

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South African Students Do “Birth Pose”,Photos Go Viral, Parents Show Concern


According to South African Daily Sun,first it was the death pose, followed by the sex funeral and sangoma poses. Now the birth pose has taken over social media, with South African school kids leading the pack.

But this new pose has outraged parents. The most disturbing part is  that most of the pictures taken are of pupils in uniform and has many questioning the culture of learning in some of these schools. Some are now calling for the pupils to be disciplined as the pose is seen as being in bad taste.

In one of the pictures circulating online, a pupil’s head is seen sticking out from under another pupil’s skirt. A group of pupils can also be seen posing as doctors and nurses helping to deliver a baby.

Thandi Molekoa (54), a mother of two from Soweto, told Daily Sun children taking part in this
trend are possessed.

These children act like they are bewitched,” said worried Thandi. “What are they hoping to achieve with such pictures? “The sad thing is that most of them are school kids.
“They are supposed to focus on their studies and nothing else. “Such things are the reason we have such a high rate of teenage pregnancy.”

Mjay Dinoge wrote on Facebook: “This is madness.” Tefo Tladi wrote: “I don’t know if I should laugh or be sad.” Oba Gaebonwe posted: “These kids are out of line and such things are unacceptable. They should be taught the basics of ubuntu.

“I’m sure even pastors don’t want to dwell much on their behaviour. Eish!” Sania Mpho Swaratlhe: “Is this what freedom and democracy looks like?”

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American Journalist Jailed In Zimbabwe For Insulting Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe On Twitter


An American woman in Zimbabwe has been jailed for ‘insulting’ President Robert Mugabe by allegedly tweeting an image of him which suggested he has a catheter from an anonymous account which was still active as she languished behind bars on Saturday.


According to DailyMail, Martha O’Donovan, aged 25 was arrested on Friday morning at her home near Harare, the country’s capital, and was taken into custody on a charge of insulting or undermining the president and trying to overthrow an elected government.


Her crime ,according to the police, being that on October 11, O’Donovan tweeted that Mugabe, 93, is a ‘very selfish and sick man’ and claimed that he was surviving on a catheter. They claim to have traced the anonymous Twitter account @matigary, which allegedly posted the tweet, to her address through its IP address.


On Saturday, O’Donovan was held in custody after a brief court hearing and she must now wait until November 15 to return to court. Her lawyers say they will appeal for her to be granted bail at the High Court on Monday.


The Twitter account police say she was behind was still active on Friday and Saturday despite the fact that Martha, who is from Martinsville, New Jersey, was in custody, i.e, she might not be the culprit.


Nearly 200 people have been criminally charged with insulting Mugabe, 93 in recent years, according to human rights lawyers.

Martha O’Donovan, is a graduate of NYU and has been in Zimbabwe for a year working for the local TV network Magamba and bar tending.


Before she was remanded in custody on Saturday, O’Donovan posed for photographs with her lawyers and with others inside the court.
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US Energy Minister Takes a Dig At African Electricity; says “Fossil Fuels May Prevent Sexual Assault”

rick perry

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry has said an increase in the use of fossil fuels in Africa may prevent sexual assault.

Speaking in Washington, he said “from the standpoint of sexual assault” light would shine “righteousness…on those types of acts”.

He also said electricity would stop people from reading by the light of fires, which have toxic fumes.

His comments have been criticised, with one environmental group describing them as “blatantly untrue”.

Mr Perry, a known climate change sceptic, said on Thursday:

“From the standpoint of sexual assault. When the lights are on, when you have light that shines, the righteousness, if you will, on those types of acts. So from the standpoint of how you really affect people’s lives, fossil fuels is [sic] going to play a role in that”

Mr Perry was discussing a recent trip to Africa at an event hosted by NBC News and Axios. He told journalists that he had met a young girl who said she read by the light of a fire.

“A young girl told me to my face, one of the reasons electricity is so important to me is not only because I’m not going to have to try and read by the light of a fire and have those fumes literally killing people”, he said.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Energy told The Hill , a political news website, that the comments were intended to highlight the ways electricity will improve the lives of people in Africa.

“The secretary was making the important point that while many Americans take electricity for granted there are people in other countries who are impacted by their lack of electricity,” Shaylyn Hynes said.

‘Resign immediately’

The comments have been criticised by environmental groups. The Sierra Club, which supports wind and solar power, described them as “blatantly untrue”.

The group’s director, Michael Brune, said in a statement:

“To suggest that fossil fuel development will decrease sexual assault is not only blatantly untrue, it is an inexcusable attempt to minimise a serious and pervasive issue
Rick Perry’s attempt to exploit this struggle to justify further dangerous fossil fuel development is unacceptable. He should resign from his position immediately before he causes any more damage.”

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Russia Unveils Superman Suit That Allows Soldiers To Walk Through Fire&Explosion


Russian scientists claim to have created a ‘Superman suit’ that lets soldiers walk through explosions and searing fire unscathed.
Made of a heat-resistant ‘aramid’ material that can withstand 30 seconds of direct contact from flames, the suit could give Russian soldiers a huge advantage in battlefields of the future.

The heat-proof suit is still in the testing phase and is expected to be ready for use by 2020, when it may also be available for purchase by civilians.

Footage released shows a man wearing the suit at an unspecified test facility. He appears to walk through flames and stands right next to an explosion.
Wearers are protected from the sudden heat of explosions such as grenades and mines, although the shock wave from an explosion could still harm them, scientists claim.

The ‘Superman suit’ is part of Ratnik, Russia’s future infantry combat system.

The programme develops combat gear which aims to create the next generation of body armour on the battlefield.
Ratnik suits already have body armour, thermal and night vision monoculars and other high-tech gear.
They are made of of strong synthetic aramid fibres that are commonly used on ships and planes.
The programme also focuses on making sure the soldier is in touch with comrades via built-in radios.
Russia says Ratnik suits were used in combat in 2016 though no details were given.

Another feature of the system is a built-in GPS chip, showing commanders where each soldier is at any given time.
The unveiling of the suit comes after Russia staged extensive military training exercises on both sea and land in what was thought to be a show of strength by President Vladimir Putin.

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Woman Declared as President Elect of Singapore


A 63 year old woman, Halimah Yacob has been declared Singapore’s eighth president on Wednesday after a “walkover” election that saw no vote after no other contenders ran for the position, as the first female presiden of Singapore

She had been the only candidate deemed eligible to stand in the country’s Elections Department, having held a key public position as speaker of parliament for three years while the other two contenders, Salleh Marican and Farid Khan, were both denied eligibility, owing to the fact that they fell short of a constitutional rule that required any candidate from the private sector to have led a company with shareholder equity of at least 500 million Singapore dollars (372 million dollars). [A queer rule]

Following the announcement, Yacob thanked her supporters in a speech, calling it a “a proud moment for Singapore, for multiculturalism and multi-racialism.”

Halimah Yacob is Singapore’s first Malay president in 47 years and the first woman to occupy the president’s office.

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China Restricts Children From Attending Churches


The Chinese Government has banned children from attending churches in the country.

This is said to be an effort to tighten their grip on religious activities.

The new directive by the Government also prohibits children from attending religious sermons and other related activities across China.

This control on churches in the country begun many years ago when places of worship were take off crosses from their buildings in Zhejiang Province.

According to a researcher for Amnesty International, William Nee, who spoke to MailOnline UK, “At this point it’s unclear how widespread the ban on children attending church services are in China, but these alarming reports seem to be coming in from fairly diverse areas throughout the country.”

He further elucidates that the move reflects the tightening control of religion in “particular Islam and Christianity under the present administration” in the Asian country, adding that, “In an important speech on religion last year, the President, Xi Jinping, said that young people must study science, believe in science and develop a ‘correct’ worldview and set of values.

“It could be that the government is concerned that young people going to church or religious activities may challenge their monopoly on truth and the government’s ability to instill its own historical narratives and worldview through the public education system‎.”

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South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma survives #NoConfidenceVote


South African President, Jacob Zuma has just survived a vote of no confidence procedure that could have led to his impeachment.

Despite having the ballot held in secret, opposition parties had hoped the secret vote would mean Members of Parliament from the governing African National Congress (ANC) might side with them against the president.

But Zuma narrowly survived by 198 votes in his favour to 177 votes against him while 9 MPS abstained.

In order for the no-confidence motion to pass, at least 50 out of the ANC’s 249 MPs would have had to vote against the president. However, the result means at least 26 ANC MPs rebelled, while another nine MPs abstained from voting.

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma survives #NoConfidenceVote

FOR – 177



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How we turned up for the #GoogleForNigeria event

Noble Igwe, Tosyn Buknor, CuteKimani

The  Google Nigeria team hosted I and other top notch influencers to a private dinner last week to announce its plans for the #GoogleForNigeria week.


The week kicked off with various session and today was also well attended with lots of industry bigwigs

CEO of Google Inc., Sundar Pichai

The event brought together personalities from the music, fashion and even travel industries.

the high point of the event was when the CEO of Google Inc., Sundar Pichai mounted the podium.

He announced that the tech giant would be training about 10 million Africans in the next five years.

Making the internet work better for everyone in Africa

Announcing the progress made in its products and features for users in Nigeria, including YouTube, Search and Maps.

Google will also be focusing on digital skills training, education and economic opportunity, and support for African startups and developers.

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Saudi Arabia Investigates Woman Who Wore Miniskirt In Public (picture/video)

Saudi authorities are investigating footage of a woman wearing a

A Saudi woman who posted a video of herself wearing a miniskirt and crop top in public is being investigated by the country’s religious police.
The young woman, a model reportedly called Khulood, potsed the short clip on Snapchat showing herself walking around a historic fort in Ushayqir.

Ushayqir Heritage Village, which is around 96 miles away from Riyadh, is in Najd – one of the country’s most conservative provinces.
Since the video was shared online, many Saudis have called for Khulood to be arrested for breaking the country’s strict dress code.
Women in Saudi Arabia are required to wear ‘abayas’ – loose-fitting, full-length robes – and headscarves.


According to the BBC, journalist Khaled Zian tweeted: ‘The return of the Haia [religious police] here is a must.’
And another user argued: ‘We should respect the laws of the country.

‘In France, the niqab is banned and women are fined if they wear it. In Saudi Arabia, wearing abayas and modest clothing is part of the kingdom’s laws.’
But many other Saudis came to the woman’s defence, calling her ‘brave’ and pointing out the hypocrisy of calling for her arrest, while praising western women who dress in the same way.
Wael al-Gassim, the writer and philosopher, told the BBC he was ‘shocked to see those angry, scary tweets’.
‘I thought she had bombed or killed somebody. The story turned out to be about her skirt, which they did not like,’ he said.

Some also noted that Melania Trump chose not to wear an abaya during her husband’s visit to Saudi in May, and yet was praised for her choice of dress.
Fatima al-Issa tweeted in Arabic: ‘If she were a foreigner, they would sing about the beauty of her waist and the enchantment of her eyes… But because she is Saudi they are calling for her arrest.’
Saudi’s religious police, the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, tweeted that it was aware of the video and was in contact with the relevant authorities.

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Lady Hangs On Power Line After Jumping From Window When Lover’s Wife Came Home In China

A partly undressed woman was filmed dangling from electric cables above street in China after her alleged lover’s wife reportedly arrived home earlier than expected.

In the distressing and embarrassing clip shared online, the woman’s limp body can be seen hanging from the power lines as a crowd forms in the street below her.

Several men step forward to help the ‘mistress‘, who is wearing tiny red shorts and a matching crop top.

A long ladder is shown being rested against the wall nearest the woman in a bid to bring her down.

It is not clear how badly the woman was injured in the ordeal.

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Young Nigerians Receive Honorary Award from Queen Elizabeth


Bukola Bolarinwa, a 28-Year-Old Nigerian lady has received the Queens Young Leaders Award from Queen Elizabeth of England.

Bukola is the founder of Haima Health Initiative, an online blood donation platform which supports hospitals who struggle to find blood in a safe and timely way.

Congratulations are in order as well to Nasir Yammama (CEO Verdant Agri-Tech), for yet another recognition.The Katsina indigene was honored as one of this year’s Queen’s Young Leaders – outstanding and accomplished young leaders across the world.


HRH Prince Harry and celebrities including Liam Payne Mo Farah and Caspar Lee got the opportunity to meet some of the Award winners and chat with them about their projects at One Show broadcast where they were honored.


Things you need to know about Nadir Yammama:

Nasir Yammama is a Creative Technologist and Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Verdant, an Agri-Tech value chain company that offers innovative solutions to farmers and other stakeholders for improved food production using novel technologies. He is interested in technology, design, enterprise, renewable energies, and agriculture.

He hails from Malumfashi, in Katsina state. He attended Government Secondary School, Minna, Niger State, from where he won many IT competitions across the globe. In his teens, he won Digital Peers International’s ‘Digitest’, a youth competition aimed at showcasing digital excellence among youth (Abuja, Singapore and Dubai).

He also represented Nigeria and won first place in interdisciplinary category in Mtnadao Afrika, an IT youth camp and contest for all African nations in Cairo, Egypt. He completed his Secondary education in Government Secondary School Minna ( now Fr O’Connell College )in 2008.

The Queen’s Young Leaders Awards recognizes and celebrates exceptional young people aged 18 to 29 in the Commonwealth who are driving change within their communities and transforming people’s lives.


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