“James Bond” is Dead!! :Sir Roger Moore, “James Bond” Actor Dies At 89


Veteran Actor, Sir Roger Moore popularly known as “James Bond” has died at 89

His death was announced in a statement released by his family on twitter on Tuesday.

“With the heaviest of hearts, we must share the awful news that our father, Sir Roger Moore, passed away today. We are all devastated” the family tweeted.

According to the statement, ‘he died after a short but brave battle with cancer’. May his soul rest in peace.


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Anne-Marie Imafidon Awarded By Queen Elizabeth With the Prestigious Honour of Member of the Most Excellent British Empire (MBE)


27 year old Anne-Marie Osawemwemze Imafidon whose is an indigene of Edo State in Nigeria was decorated today by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, with the prestigious honour of Member of the Most Excellent British Empire (MBE) for her services to young women with specialty in Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

An MBE is an award given by the Queen to an individual for outstanding service to the community or local hands-on service.


Anne-Marie Imafidon and her father, Prof. Chris Imafidon, arrived for a reception at Buckingham Palace after which they will be heading for a follow up and ice-cream party at Kensington Palace in London.

prof Chris Imafidon


Watch the video here

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Plane Carrying 4 People And 2 Children Missing Over Bermuda, Bahamas

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The US Coast Guard is currently searching over the Bahamas in the Bermuda Triangle for a small overdue plane with four people including two children from New York aboard.

The Pilot, Nathan Ulrich, 52, of New Hampshire, and Jennifer Blumin, 40, of New York, who is the Founder and CEO of event management firm, Skylight Group, along with her sons, Phineas, four, and two-year-old Theodore, were identified as the people on board.

The US Coast Guard says the twin-engine MU-2B turboprop, manufactured by Mitsubishi, was 37 miles east of the island of Eleuthera on Monday when air traffic control in Miami lost radar and radio contact with the plane around 2.10pm.

The airplane departed Borinquen, Puerto Rico, at approximately 11am Monday and never made it to its destination of Titusville, along the northeastern coast of Florida.

Their plane was at about 24,000 feet when air traffic control lost contact. The US Coast Guard said searchers had located debris about 64 kilometres east of Eleuthera, but have not confirmed it is from the missing plane.

Anyone who has heard the famed tale of the mysterious Bermuda triangle can only pray for them. For those who do not know, nothing has ever been recovered from the Bermuda triangle. None have lived to tell any tale about it. it is regarded as “one of life’s strangest mysteries”


The missing plane. (US Coast Guard)
the missing plane. (us coast guard)
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France’ youngest president after Napoloen, Emmanuel Macron, 39, won 65.5 per cent of the vote in a tense election against far-right National Front (FN) candidate Marine Le Pen on Sunday. In a congratulatory tweet to the new incoming president, Donald Trump tweeted:


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Emmanuel Macron Wins French Presidential Election


After the scandal that brought out the dirty secrets of most French politicians, and the subsequent declaration of interest by Emmanuel Macron to become the President of France, the man who fell in love and married his high-school teacher, has won the French Presidential election.

This year’s french election was certainly the most interesting yet.

Three projections, issued within minutes of polling stations closing at 8 p.m. (2 p.m. ET), showed Macron beating his opponent, Le Pen by around 65 percent to 35 – a gap wider than the 20 or so percentage points that pre-election surveys had pointed to.


They walked hand-in-hand into the victory rally, embraced and kissed on stage: Emmanuel Macron and his elegant blonde wife Brigitte.

Then he turned, smiled at her and thanked the most steadfast supporter of them all, his wife Brigitte: “always there, and what’s more, without whom I wouldn’t be me.”

The watching crowd chanted its approval. Her name echoed around the hall: “Brigitte! Brigitte! Brigitte!”

It was to any English observer who knew the back story, a charming reminder that if he wins the final round in a fortnight’s time, Mr Macron will continue the fine French presidential tradition of having a love life to boggle and amuse stolid Anglo-Saxon minds.

Aged 64, Ms Macron is a grandmother-of-seven and 25 years her fresh-faced 39-year-old husband’s senior. Even better, perhaps, they met when he was 15 and she was his married, private school teacher – with a daughter of the same age, in the same class.

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Queen Of England Presents an MBE Award to Nigerian, Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie


Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie received his MBE from Her Majesty The Queen in a ceremony at the Buckingham Palace on Friday, May 5th.

Chukwu-Emeka is the Executive Director and co-founder of the London-based African Foundation for Development (AFFORD), an organization with a mission to expand and enhance the contribution that Africans in the Diaspora make to Africa’s development.

He is of dual Nigerian/Sierra Leonean origin with family ties extending to Equitorial Guinea. He has worked as a consultant for several international development donor agencies around engaging the Diaspora in development and has commented widely on migration and development issues in the media and in public fora.

Chukwu-Emeka was educated at early primary school in Cheltenham, UK followed by later primary and secondary schools in Freetown. His first two years of university were at FBC, Freetown with the remainder at Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology, Northeast London Polytechnic(now University of East London) the London College of Printing and Distributive Trades and City University


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#Drugtrafficking: Nigerian Man Caught In Malta With 50 Capsules Of Cocaine


A man arrested after the drug squad raided his hotel room yesterday will remain in custody until the criminal court decides on his sentence, as decreed today by a court.

Thomas Uchenna Onyema appeared before magistrate Francesco Depasquale this morning, charged with complicity in trafficking of cocaine.

According to an official statement issued yesterday, the 49-year-old Nigerian national was arrested after officers from the drug squad carried out a raid on his St Paul’s Bay hotel room and discovered 50 capsules of cocaine in circumstances indicating that they were not intended for his personal use.

Oneyema who gave his profession as “security guard,” pleaded guilty to charges of complicity in the importation of cocaine, as well as the importing and possession of the drug.

The court solemnly warned the accused of the consequences of pleading guilty to the charges. Onyema proceeded to confirm his plea of guilt.

The court noted the admission and ordered the records and exhibits of the inquiry to be transmitted to the Attorney General.

The accused sat with his head bowed and hands clasped in the dock as the court issued its decree.

“Mr Onyema, in view of the fact that your accusations are of a certain gravity, the court cannot deliver judgment itself but this must be delivered by the criminal court…You will remain in custody until that final judgment is delivered,” the magistrate said.

Lawyer Noel Bartolo was defence counsel.

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Facebook Plans To Employ 3000 People – Mark Zuckerberg


Billionaire Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has taken to his official Facebook account to announce the company’s plan of increasing his workforce globally by 3000.

This news is as a result of frequent abuse of the social media platform from cyber bullying to sex tape scandals to committing suicide online. He also emphasized on the need to make our communities a safer haven for everyone.

See the post below.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen people hurting themselves and others on Facebook — either live or in video posted later.

It’s heartbreaking, and I’ve been reflecting on how we can do better for our community.
If we’re going to build a safe community, we need to respond quickly. We’re working to make these videos easier to report so we can take the right action sooner — whether that’s responding quickly when someone needs help or taking a post down.

Over the next year, we’ll be adding 3,000 people to our community operations team around the world — on top of the 4,500 we have today — to review the millions of reports we get every week, and improve the process for doing it quickly.

These reviewers will also help us get better at removing things we don’t allow on Facebook like hate speech and child exploitation. And we’ll keep working with local community groups and law enforcement who are in the best position to help someone if they need it — either because they’re about to harm themselves, or because they’re in danger from someone else.

In addition to investing in more people, we’re also building better tools to keep our community safe. We’re going to make it simpler to report problems to us, faster for our reviewers to determine which posts violate our standards and easier for them to contact law enforcement if someone needs help. As these become available they should help make our community safer.
This is important. Just last week, we got a report that someone on Live was considering suicide. We immediately reached out to law enforcement, and they were able to prevent him from hurting himself. In other cases, we weren’t so fortunate.

No one should be in this situation in the first place, but if they are, then we should build a safe community that gets them the help they need.


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More Pwer To Women : Nigeria Writer Gets Awarded with 7 Figure Deal For A Work Based on #BlackLivesMatter


Tomi Adeyemi’s debut book ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ has been described as a ‘Black Lives Matter-inspired fantasy novel.

Fox 2000 was so impressed with the 23-year-old’s writing it decided to snap up the film rights before the novel was even released.

This book is reportedly her first novel yet.

Ms Adeyemi, from San Diego, California, studied English Literature at Harvard University and later moved to Brazil to take a course in West African Mythology and Culture.

Children of Blood and Bone does not yet have a release date.

The film company hopes it will be as successful as its other young adult franchises ‘Twilight’ and ‘Maze Runner’.

Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group had previously won a bidding war to publish her trilogy of books, according to Deadline.

Summary of the book

Children of Blood and Bone tells the story of a dark skinned girl who takes on an empire.

The protagonist is Zélie, who at six years old watched the king’s guards hang her mother on a tree outside her home. She never forgot it. In the beginning, every Orïshan was a magi: born with dark skin, stark white hair and the blessing of the god’s magic once they reached adulthood.

Yet over time, their population dwindled and they became Orïsha’s minority. Magic became a thing to loathe, dark skin transformed into a thing to hate. Ten years after the raid that killed her mother and took away magic forever, Zélie Adebola has one chance to bring magic back.

Through a fortuitous encounter with the Princess Amari, Zélie comes into possession of a sacred scroll necessary to restore a connection to the gods and secure magic for another hundred years. This sets the young women on a quest to end the senseless violence and oppression by the lighter-skinned royal class.

Danger lurks in this west-African inspired world, where lionnaires and cheetanaires roam, and the beautiful villages built over oceans, out of sand or forged in iron hide a dark underbelly of slavery and corruption. They find themselves pitted against a crown prince bent on wiping out magic for good.


According to Ms Adeyemi, who is Nigerian-American, she said she was more interested in inspiring young black girls rather than earning a lot of money.


‘I want a little black girl to pick up my book one day and see herself as the star

I want her to know that she’s beautiful and she matters and she can have a crazy, magical adventure even if an ignorant part of the world tells her she can never be Hermione Granger,she wrote on her blog.

Some folks even go as far as believing that she could be the next J.K Rowling. What do you think?


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Racism or Xenophobia: Angry Mob In India Attacks Nigerian Students Accused Of Cannibalism And Murder


An angry mob in India attacked a group of Nigerian students accused of cannibalism and murder following the recent death of a local boy. Three students were reported injured in the Monday (27 March) incident in Greater Noida, near the capital New Delhi.

Police have arrested seven people in connection with the attack. State authorities have promised a thorough investigation and strict action.

The attack followed the death of teenage boy, Manish Khari, on Saturday (25 March). The boy reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest due to drug overdose, but residents blamed the African students living in the area for his death.

Earlier, when the boy was missing for a day, the locals accused the foreign students of cannibalism and even barged into their houses to search for Khari’s remains.

Following complaints by the locals, police charged five Nigerian students with murder, but did not arrest them due to lack of evidence. They were, however, detained briefly for questioning.

Accusing the police of bias, some African students staged a protest outside a police station in the area demanding withdrawal of the murder charges.

Accusing the police of bias, some African students staged a protest outside a police station near New Delhi demanding withdrawal of murder charges in connection with the death of the teenage boy.
According to NDTV, the Greater Noida police have identified and traced 54 locals who were part of the mob and will soon initiate legal action against them. “We have arrested six or seven people from the spot. There are more. We will arrest them and put behind bars,” senior police officer Sujata Singh said.

Meanwhile, one of the students complained to Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj through Twitter and the minister instructed state authorities to take appropriate action to ensure their safety.

Yogi Adityanath, the newly-elected chief minister of Uttar Pradesh of which Noida is part, has also promised a thorough investigation into the incident.

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Nigerian Student Attempts Suicide In U.K When NDDC Backs Down On Scholarship

a depressed p

A student from the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria who is on scholarship in the United Kingdom, reportedly attempted suicide as the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), who were supposed to fund his scholarship failed to keep their promise.

Coming from a Twitter user, @ensydave, who alleged the incident occurred last night in Birmingham, the student whose photo will be made available soon, has been on debts, with no maintenance fee for almost a year. He also begged Silverbird group CEO and Nigerian Senator, Ben Murray Bruce, to raise awareness on the issue. Still waiting to hear from the senator.

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25-year-old Nigerian Drug Peddler Arrested In India With 53 Grams Of Cocaine


A 25-year-old Nigerian was arrested on Thursday, March 23, in Hyderabad, India on the charge of drug peddling after 53 grams of cocaine was found on him.

The accused, Ugochukwu Godpower, was nabbed from Banjara Hills area in the city during a joint operation while he was on his way to deliver cocaine to customers.

During the interrogation, Ugochukwu revealed that he used to purchase cocaine for Rs 3,000 per gram from another accused Davis Chris Richard Mueller, a native of Kenya (who got away) and sold it for Rs 5,000-Rs 6,000 per gram to the customers at different locations in the city, police said.

In November last year, he had been arrested along with four others by Golconda Police in a similar case and was sent to judicial remand. However, after his release from jail in December, he had again started peddling drugs, police said. No lessons learnt

Further probe is being carried out to unearth the network of local and foreign drug dealers, Police said

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@KenyaAirways launches Easter promo with offers up to 30% off

images (20)

Good news travel lovers , Kenya Airways has launched an amazing sales promo just for you with offers up to 30% off your trips.

The promo which is part of the  KQ@40 celebration is called  ‘You deserve a break’ offering discount on Economy and Premium class return tickets.

The eleven day offer will apply to customers who will book and pay between 22nd March to 1st April 2017, for any trip anytime throughout the year.

The fare offer is valid on selected destination across the Kenya Airways destinations.

Kenya Airways has also announced an ongoing business class companion deal that allows its guests book and get a second ticket for free exclusive of all taxes.

This according to KQ Commercial Director Vincent Coste is to  reward KQ guests by encouraging them to take a break and visit any of the KQ interesting destinations by extending to them up to 30% off on tickets.”

Mr Coste added the campaign is also meant to express the airline’s appreciations to its customers who have enabled Kenya Airways continue to play an integral role in the growth of Africa’s economy.

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