Tekno Places 200k Bounty To Find Secondary School Friend


This Nigerian artiste ‘free giver’ who seems to have superseded Don Jazzy in recent times, Tekno is looking for his long lost secondary school mate Paul Akere.

In this new drama, the singer has placed a bounty price of 200 thousand naira to fall on anybody who can help him to find Paul. Whether this would be fufilled or not, we are not sure.

He describes Paul as a skinny guy and a fair guy.

See screenshots below…

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Flavour Features Semah G. Weifur In “Most High”, Honors Physically Impaired Boy


It all started on the 22nd of March when Nigerian music star, Flavour was in Liberia and he had a touching enounter with a young physically impaired boy which he shared on instagram

He wrote:
“I made a new friend Semah G. Weifur. He’s blind and sang my songs better than me”…

Watch Video HERE:


The boy, Semah G. Weifur,featured in Flavour N’abania’s latest single, ‘Most High.’

He shared the video of the journey with his fans. And the video as at Monday, had, 1, 767,479 views.

Semar, who confessed to listening to Flavour’s songs on radio, made a request from a humanitarian, Helen Sirleaf, who paid him a visit, stating “I can’t see you, but I can feel you. I know your song, but my dream in life is to meet Flavour. I am blind, but I want to be a musician. I want to sing a song for Flavour.”

And during Flavour’s visit to an orphanage on March 17, Semah did a song on the greatness of a mother, which he titled ‘Mama you too much’.

On March 19, 2017, Flavour met with Semah in Liberia.

He was privileged to visit Flavour in Nigeria in May where he had a studio session with his idol.

“I believe that God joined mine and Semah’s path together,” said Flavour, who has been receiving.

“This young boy is so special, unique and talented. It makes me so happy that I can share our continued journey with you.”

Speaking on the positive impact of the artiste to the life of the little boy, Ruggedman stated, “Flavour is hailed as a hero for doing collaboration with a blind young boy outside Nigeria. He is representing Nigeria and showing the rest of the world a positive side to Nigeria. Are these the things out govt want to ban? I guess Nigeria will not be going for the Olympics, World Cup and Nations Cup unless they are held in Nigeria.

“Sebi we don’t want to go and spend “our” money in funding another countries economy”.

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Halimah Abubakar Debunks Rumors: “Stop Spreading Lies About Me. I’m Not Dying,

The Nollywood actress expresses her gratitude for the love and encouragement she’s received so far.

“Am grateful to everyone who has shown me love and encouragement at this point in my life.
May God bless you all.

Both far and near,only Goodness will follow you all.

i want to be known as a positive soul and not a sad one,so I plead to you all not to donate any money on my behalf to anyone. i see people already trying to make money out of it. kindly don’t.
And pls am not dying,so no need for the hash tag. You all are awesome and am coverd.
If I don’t ask for money my self ,then it’s not from me. I have wonderful people around me.

kindly stop the lies .i want this smile to be permanent and so shall it be Amin I won’t keep silent like those who did and got no support,pls stop spreading lies about me.

if you want to pray for me,I appreciate it,if you want to call me since you have my numbers ,I will appreciate it too,but don’t come on social media and keep talking.Thank you once again and I am humbled by all your gestures.I love you all thank you to those who privately reached out to me. I shall print your names to specially thank you so sorry can’t reply#allhamdullilah”.

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Ruggedman Writes Open Letter To The FG Over Plan To Stop Music Production Abroad


So Ruggedman pipes into the drama too. It’s getting hotter

Ruggedman Writes An Open Letter To The FG Over Plan To Stop Movies & Music Videos Shoots Abroad

The wagons are circling and make no mistake, Nigerian celebrities are not with Federal Government on this Dracula plan to stop local movies and music production abroad. Charley boy said his, the Okoye’s has said theirs and now Ruggedy Baba wants to advice FG.

Rapper, Ruggedman has written an open letter to the government after Lai Mohammed announced plans of the Federal Government to impose a ban on shooting music videos and local movies outside Nigeria and their reasons for coming up with such decision.

The rapper chose a different part. Instead of slamming the federal government over their plans like out celebrities has done, Ruggedman has chosen to highlight reasons why the move is not only wrong but totally out of place.

His letter reads as follow…


You can not privatise what you do not own or have control over.

Meet with real Nigerian entertainment stake holders and not people who have milked our entertainers with their platforms. Meet with the real stakeholders and discuss the way forward. Discuss how the Federal government can get involved with the Nigerian creative industry the right way.

It is wrong to try to bully your way into the Nigerian entertainment industry you did nothing to help build.

It is absurd to say you will ban entertainers from shooting music videos or movies abroad. Your reason being that we go there to enrich their economy with Nigerian’s money.

Not while government officials have their children schooling abroad.

Not while government officials all go abroad for medical treatment and vacations .

Not while government officials continue to import bullet proof cars that are not made in Nigeria.

All these amount to billions of Nigeria’s money being spent abroad.



They are our leaders and so have to lead by example

Trying to ban private owned businesses (entertainers) from doing part of their business abroad will go against the democracy your party preaches.


1. First of all, shelve the talk of banning entertainers working abroad. It is not what the creative industry needs from the government and it is a terrible look for you. Nobody likes a bully.


Since we do not have a proper structure yet, put a hold on your $1m venture capital for the creative industry.

You say the money is seed money for young and talented Nigerians to set up businesses in the industry. How do you know the young and talented ones if you do not work with the registered Music and Movie bodies?

You will only be enriching a few and wasting money our country needs.

So you need to help the existing Music and Movie unions set up a proper structure that can be monitored before you talk about giving money out.

Money is needed, but a structure is needed more urgently.


I for one know that The President of the Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN ) Mr Pretty Okafor and the President of the Actors Guild Of Nigeria ( AGN ) Mr Emeka Ike along with a few executives met with you in Abuja and discussed a beautiful plan to put a proper structure in place for Nigeria’s creative industry.

One of the plans that was discussed with you was a conference tagged “Creative Industry Summit” and I see you were involved in a similar event recently tagged “Creative Industry Financing conference”.

We are surprised that nobody from the movie or music industry was present to speak at a conference for the ‘’CREATIVE INDUSTRY’’.

Sir, the stakeholders who spoke ath the just concluded Creative Industry Financing conference are not Nigerian veteran musicians or Nigerian record label owners. Neither are they from the Nigerian movie industry.


We did not see the likes of Kenny Ogungbe “Kennis Music” , Tade Ogidan, Obi Asika “Storm Records”, Tunde Kilani, or Eldee “Trybe Records”.

These are some of the people who suffered and played great parts in building our Nigerian music and movie industry.

But the men at the Creative Industry Financing conferenceare you were part of are individuals who schooled “abroad” and own platforms that have made and are still making money using Nigerian entertainment.

But most of the artists whose works they deal in do not have half the money these men have made with our interlectual properties.

Sir, these intelligent businessmen can be in an advisory board to help build a structure to enrich both the owners of the intellectual properties and the Nigerian economy.

4. Revisit the plans the new PMAN president Pretty Okafor discussed with you when he and some executives met with you in Abuja some months back. Plans which involve setting up a proper structure to encode and barcode all intellectual materials by Nigerians.



For years, Nigerian radio and television stations have amassed billions of Nigeria from using Nigerian artists hard work without paying the artists. This is where you can come in and set up a policy that will make sure they start paying artists whose work they use.

They already make a lot of money from adverts placed by companies.

Sir, this move will be a ground breaking one in the Nigerian entertainment industry and it will be to your credit.


Sit quietly with REAL Nigerian entertainment stakeholders and discuss the way forward. Not with individuals who have milked entertainers through their platforms for their personal gains. Especially the TELCOS.

TELCOS sell our songs/ringtones and take 70% while the owner of the work gets to share 30% with a content provider. IF YOU ARE TO BAN ANYBODY, IT IS THE TELCOS WHO DO THIS.


Follow the guidelines to curb piracy that the PMAN President Pretty Okafor introduced to you. Which included, setting up a task force empowered to deal with people found dealing in pirated entertainment materials.

PMAN is the recognised parent body for Nigerian Music, just as The AGN is to the Nigerian movie industry.

Both Presidents are veterans in their fields and are also businessmen. So sir, they undertand both worlds.

I am an entertainer and I know a lot of what we lack and what we need. Placing a ban on Nigerian entertainers going abroad to shoot music videos and movies is the last thing we need from our government.

Helping our creative industry to build a much needed structure, thereby creating a conducive environment for both local and foreign investors to do business is what is needed.

Lets work together to further grow and capitalize on a Nigerian creative industry that has managed to boom without any government policy..

Let the government make policies that will protect and expand our creative industry to benefit the entertainers and the Nigerian economy.

But it can not be achieved by brute force.

Or sir, you do not want them to come to Nigeria to shoot parts of Furious 9?

Sincerely yours



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The Brouhaha Between APC and Nigerian Celebrities After Artistes Ban from Shooting Abroad

The P-Square twins (Peter and Paul Okoye) and their elder brother, Jude Okoye, were the first to react to Federal Government plans to stop production of Nigerian movies and music videos outside the country.

”Our behavior when we hear say FG dey plan stop something…. soon dem go tell us how and which style we go dey use de Kpakam our wife dem let me come and be going”


Then APC replied saying:

In a statement signed by the group’s national secretary, Mr Collins Edwin and made available to PoliticsNGR, the APC described Okoye as a ‘son of darkness’.

The statement read in full;

We read the scurrilous remarks credited to Mr Peter Okoye of the Psquare group against the Federal Government’s job-saving policy in the entertainment industry with great anger and vexation.

Least of all persons to make scathing remark against the government is the Psquare group which the local content policy of the Federal Government dusted-up from the valley of obscurity.

Where was Peter Okoye or Psquare brand in 1999 when foreign music dominated our airwaves? If not for the government policy which mandated all broadcast stations in Nigeria to pay attention to Nigerian music by playing 95 percent of Nigerian songs every day, would Peter Okoye or Psquare be known to anybody in Nigeria today? Or would they have competed with better American music which dominated our airwaves then?

After the government have used its policy to brush them up from nothing to something; instead of giving opportunity to other people, they are taking Nigerian jobs to foreign countries through the shooting of music videos abroad.

Now that government have intervened to raise great and better entertainers again, Peter Okoye has the gut to insult the entire Federal Government by calling our great leaders ‘Ndi Ala’ which means mad and stupid people. How dare you say that Psquare?

We, therefore, urge the security agencies in the country to arrest Mr Peter Okoye for disrespecting our government and bringing it to a disrepute. If you cannot produce in Nigeria and hire Nigerians, then leave the industry.We must export Nigerian culture to the outside world through our music and videos.

Peter Okoye Fires Back, Saying:

Peter Okoye (P’square) has reacted back to the recent call for his arrest made by the APC Youth Renaissance group.

The group, in a statement signed by its national secretary, Collins Edwin, described Peter Okoye as a “son of darkness” for ‘insulting the Federal government of Nigeria’ over abroad video shooting ban.

In response, Peter Okoye tweeted: “Abeg make him Oder Egusi,pounded yam and goat meat join for the arrest. I knw those youth will start from 70 and above. Onye ala. #Ndiala”


It’s not over yet. Lai Mohammed chirped in too

The Minister of Information and Culture of Nigeria, Lai Mohammed, has reacted to criticisms trailing his recent pronouncement on steps being taken by the government to discourage the production of Nigerian movies and music outside the country.

In a chat with PT on Sunday, he said it was to tackle the exploitation of perceived loopholes in the Nigerian Broadcasting Code, NBC.

“The NBC code today as it stands has been exploited and not defined and that’s why movies being directed by Nigerians with Nigerian actors, actresses can be shot in South Africa and then brought back to be consumed in Nigeria.

All we are saying is that we are going to amend the code in a manner that it will not be possible for you to exploit any loophole there to go and shoot outside Nigeria film, music or programs that are meant to be consumed in Nigeria,” Mr. Mohammed said.

The Minister on Saturday said the government had taken steps to get the Nigeria Broadcasting Code, NBC to put an end to the trend of producing Nigerian music, movie and programs abroad. This however drew criticism from Nigerians who asked the minister to address the issue of government officials going for medical treatment abroad first before sanitising the movie industry.

However, the minister said the government had no ill-feeling in its move to dissuade Nigerian films from being produced abroad.

“It is not directed at any particular incident, every country should respect the local industry of other countries.

For example, in Ghana they introduced a law today that demands visiting actors to pay a thousand dollars to the government coffers while visiting directors and producers pay 5,000 dollars.

We must create an enabling environment and also generate revenue from our creative industry. The argument is simple, when you go to shoot a film offshore, you use the work force of that country to develop the capacity of that country and you improve the economy of that country and that is what we are trying to do here.”


Then Charly Boy:

The MC of goofs, gaffs and a lotta mumbo-jumbo Alhaji Lai Mohammed in one of his numerous jokes, probably scripted this time by Tony Okoroji, announced that the federal government is set to stop production of Nigerian movies and music videos abroad. This revelation was made recently on Saturday, July 15, 2017, at the headquarters of the copyright society of Nigeria (COSON).

This is one of the many laughable utterances of our minister, who is fast becoming a full blown comic considering his track records.

Imagine our Culture and Information Minister admitting the superiority of Senegalese’s Jollof over Naija jollof rice; even Ghana that is considered our archenemy on that front did not come close – You could tell how stunned Richard Quest was from the look on his face that night.
Remember when he suggested that one masquerade could create a thousand jobs per week for Nigerian men, masquerades ooo. His advice to graduates was to venture into the enterprise of dressing masquerades? Kai.

Fact is, most Nigerians don’t count our ministers’ pronouncements as serious these days. Many see him as a clueless and overly excited Minister who makes a lot of funny declarations without due consultations. You won’t be wrong if you call him irrational, or if you like, a bigmouth; you may also want to consider him a fabulist, or if you are trying to be modest like me, just call him the King of spoofs. Haha…a joke called minister.

Anyway, let’s leave the jokes to LIAR Mohammed and go back to the real issue here.

Shey una know say entertainment in Nigeria was not always this glamorous?

Once upon a time, hardly was any Nigerian song played in our night clubs. Then, Nigerian songs rarely enjoyed quality air play – Some persons laboured to change the status quo.
Once upon a time, Corporate Bodies budgeted fat cheques for foreign artists while they rewarded indigenous artists with popcorn. Foreign artists were treated as demigods while Nigerian entertainers no matter how hardworking, no matter how successful were treated as juveniles. Some people fought to eradicate this kinda disrespect to our celebrities.

Even Nollywood has had its fair share. Remember when multichoice came to Nigeria; NTA were leaking/selling indigenous contents to multichoice without paying a dime to the producers – somebody resisted that evil, and today the story is all shades of colourful. Things have no doubt evolved, thanks to the creativity and hardwork of a few good men.

Just recently, I learned that Nigerian entertainers are going to be taxed and sanctioned for evasion. Well, in as much as I believe paying taxes is our civic responsibility, the bunch of criminals in government devising daily means to further strengthen their criminality remains a great worry for me.

And I find it really petty for a serious government battling with serious issues of national interest to begin to dictate where to shoot videos and where to make movies. Our movies and music videos should be a potpourri of dynamism, tourism, african and international beauty, cultural heritage, aesthetic sensation, and ultimately, an embodiment of seamless artistic expression. To achieve these details and peculiarities, one cannot limit the production of what should be a classic and enchanting artistic expression to a grossly looted and underdeveloped state like Nigeria.

Abegii, let our government be reasonable joor. However, if they want to tread that path, they should first withdraw their kids from schools abroad, declare that no politician should go for medical treatment abroad, bring our president back to Aso Rock, after all, billions of Naira has been spent on the Abuja clinic – another national fraud by the pack of criminals occupying positions of power. Ohh… They should also make sure they provide uninterrupted power supply, fix our bad roads and build monuments that would attract tourists across the world. Because, patronizing made in Nigeria products must be a head to bottom policy.

Nonetheless, our entertainers must see themselves as role models. They wield the sword of public opinion. They must help in reshaping the Nigerian society – just like hip-hop was used as a tool in fighting the government in Senegal. Nigerians won’t forget the role of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Sonny Okosun, etc., in advocating for a better life for the common man.

Entertainers must unanimously speak up. Not just now but always. They’ve come for us, we must cut these charlatans to size, we must not just defend our art, we must begin to use our platforms to condemn all forms of insanity in our political corridors.

This is a call to service, we must rescue our nation from these abusers, every entertainer must see himself as either chosen or called to be evangelists of the much needed social reform. Entertainers must begin to address societal ills especially through music, movies and arts in general.

The revolution must begin from entertainers and we must kick start the healing process by creating our ideal society through our works. Our imaginations must revolve around the utopian possibilities.

This is to activate the indifferent, misguided and unconcerned youth in our entertainment industry, let’s all stand up to wrestle our nation back from these criminals. The time to act is now.

The labour of our heroes past shall not be in vain.


Finally, I go Dye:

I Go Dye who proposed ways the Nigerian Government can achieve their plan so no one cries of foul play, also asked relevant questions in his post. Here’s what he wrote;

“Undoubtedly,entertainment: Music,Comedy,Sport, and Film productions are the highest-ranking human resource export from Nigeria.Government should protect their intellectual property and invest into its capacity building.

I have observed with keen interest the recent reports credited to the honourable minister of information and culture,proposing to ban the production of our indigenous films abroad.instead of such pronouncements,I expect a mutual partnership with government and all stake holders in the entertainments industry.what level of support has government provided to growth of entertainment in terms of protecting their works?

piracy is still on the high,most of the actors,actresses and producers do not earn what’s is obtainable in other parts of the world in terms of technical,social support and general contribution to their well being.I recommend that instead of putting laws to check the issue of films produced outside Nigeria.

Government should invest in the sector to develop it,introduce partnership that will bring about government earning funds from the services provided through technical equipment, logistic sites, and establishment of a standard Nollywood village.more so soft loans should be provided to aid film production ,while the ministry of information and culture should engage the film writer and producers to build contents that can significantly profile our image as a country.instead of confrontation,which will not be in the best interest of both the government and the artistes.”

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The July edition of The Basement Gig is set to hold on Friday, July 21st 2017 at the Cielo Lounge on Oduduwa Way, Ikeja GRA, Lagos.

The Basement Gig since its inception, provides an avenue for budding musical talents to showcase their gifts as they break into the Nigeria music industry and establish themselves.

This month’s edition will feature sensational acts such as Yonda, Jinmi Abduls, D-O, Wavy The Creator, Hanu Jay & Twist Da Fireman. As always the event will be hosted by popular radio OAP Kemi Smallz and this edition will feature a guest DJ, TMXO.

The monthly show is fast becoming the most sought after hub for new artists and music lovers for its interactive atmosphere. The Basement Gig is an initiative of The Zone Agency and is proudly supported by Zebra Stripes Networks and Cielo Lounge.

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F78NEWS:Wizkid’s Album Listening Party, I cannot be embarrassed by my father’s dancing, Beyonce, Dr. Dre, ASAP Bari + More 17/7/17


Here is this weeks edition of Factory78 weekly news featuring: Beyonce took to her Insta in the early hours Friday (July 14) to unveil her newborns, Sir and Rumi Carter, to commemorate their one-month birthday, 

Wizkid had his ‘Sounds From The Other Side’ album listening party at the Curtain in London last night, and his Friends Burna Boy and Skepta joined him on stage , I cannot be embarrassed by my father’s dancing – Sina Rambo, 

Dr. Dre On Dee Barnes Domestic Abuse: “I Was Out Of My F*cking Mind”, Alleged A$AP Bari video of sexual harassment surfaces & Photos: After 4 Years Away, Tonto Dikeh Returns To Nollywood.

“DOTMAN” in our F78 degrees segment.

Finishing with Factory78tvs top video picks of the week featuring:

1. Diamond Platnumz – Eneka
2. Qdot – Apala New Skool
3. Pallaso Feat. Sherry – Charger
4. Vanessa Mdee Feat. Mr. P – Kisela
5. Eugy – Prize
6. Rock Steady – Success Story
7. Sound Sultan Feat. Dj Jimmy Jatt & Blackah – Feel Good
8. Wale Feat. Davido & Olamide – Fine Girl
9. LK Kuddy – Keys to my heart
10. Yemi Rush – Sweet Caro

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Bey Introduces Twins to the World, Shaq’s Son Not Walking in His Footsteps & DMX Arrested: Celebrity Wrap Up

unnamed (1)



The Carters’ would like you to meet the newest additions to the family….DMX and Uncle Sam collide over millions of dollars in tax money…and Shaq’s son walks his own path…

Emmy Nominations 2017: Who Made the Cut and Who Got Cut

BeFunky Collage

With more new shows and actors added in the mix, a crowded field of good shows means edging out some shows and actors that didn’t measure up this year…

Screenshot 129

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TRN Follow Up: Maia Campbell to ” LL Cool J “Pray”

maia today and back in the day

After reaching out to his former co-star who’s caught on video begging for drugs, LL Cool J says “You can’t help someone who doesn’t want help”….

Reel Inspiration…


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Get to Know “The Reel Network”

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Munachi Abii Celebrates Her Dog’s Pregnancy With A Puppy Shower


Nigerians are slowly starting to adopt the white culture. From adopting the pre birthday shoot craze, to the pregnancy shoots to baby showers and now, Puppy Shower.

Ex Beauty Queen, Munachi Abi has thrown a puppy shower for her pregnant dog. She held a photo shoot for her cute Yorkshire terriers, one of which is pregnant. She captioned the pictures on Instagram thus:

”We are PupSpecting. Gave my babies a cute pregnancy photoshoot/ puppy shower these two are too adorable for their own good”

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