Pics: Cool Work Outfit Ideas To Kick Start Your Week


As a fashion lover, its only proper to start your week right with your attires because there is just something stunning about looking good at all times which is why most ladies ensure they are at their best.

Are you running out of ideas on how to style your next work clothes? No worries we are here for you. Check out these cool work outfits that will inspire you. We compiled a list of some very stylish bloggers from Instagram to help style you.



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Stay Trendy With Your Work Outfits This Week


The work chic can also be the centre of attention if she knows how to work her way through! If your work dress code allows a bit of creativity, or perhaps your workplace isn’t too formal, here are some stylish looks to take you from 9 to 5 without compromising on your style game.


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Heels & Muscles Promo Artwork

As we gear up for the final showdown of the annual ‘heels and muscles Fashion Show’ organisers are confident that this year’s show promises to be one of the biggest fashion and lifestyle event to be staged in Accra this weekend, Saturday 9th of September,2017 at the majestic TomeRick Hotel East Legon. Doors open at 6.00pm sharp.

O yeah! If you thought last year was great, this year is even greater!!! Spread the word and use the harsh tag #hnm17. Subscribe to our channel and watch the promotional advert for more
information. Remember we are now into a 48 hours countdown; rush for your tickets now whilst stocks last, let’s go!

Call to buy tickets, make reservations or enquiries on 0200638464 or purchase your tickets at the Silverbird Cinemas (The Accra Mall) at Ghc40 Ghana cedis.
Get interactive with us on social media follow @recessmodellingagancy @blackstarsrent @trublackstarz.

Credit: OkromouthAfrica

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Pics: Casual Outfits You Need For The Weekend


Weekend styles should be casual with a class! From casual pieces, statement separate to the comfortable chic outfits are best worn on weekends.

What exactly are you planning on wearing this weekend? If you are looking for something fun and chic, we have got you covered. Below are some outfit inspirations for the weekend.


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9 Fashion Items Every Guy Should Have


There are some certain fashion items every man must have in his wardrobe no matter how rich or poor or irrespective social class you belong to, you don’t have to be ver rich to have these fashion items as you can easily get cheap but classy ones the most important thing is for you to have those items in your wardrobe.

Below are some fashion must-have for every man whether stylish or not.

Native Attire: “It is important to have at least one native attire in your wardrobe as a man because apart from the fact that it reflects your roots, there will always be an occasion that would require you to wear a native attire which is why it is important you have one or two native attire in your wardrobe”.

Quality wristwatch: “It’s awkward to always have to pull out your phone to check the time, having a wristwatch is not only fashionable but also comes with its usefulness just imagine a cute lady you got your eyes on asks you for the time and you simply pull back your sleeves and reveal a classy choice of watch before revealing the time to her, this can make a whole lot of difference”.

A sleek leather wallet: “The wallet helps to keep your cash and ATM cards handy and as such is a must-have fashion accessory that every man should own, leather wallets are great for both formal and casual attires and whether you choose a black or brown coloured wallet, it blends in and never goes out of fashion”.

Suit: “It is important that you have at least one bespoke suit for whatever corporate event you will be attending, even if you hardly attend events that require you wear a suit, still get one as it’s embarrassing to appear at formal events in casual wears”.

A Tie: “You’d require ties to go along with your suit, it’s essential you have a variety of ties but going for a solid tie would do you a lot of good but remember to go for trendy styles and colours if you wear ties on a regular basis”.

Shoes and belts: “This might be perhaps the greatest fashion mishap men make by mismatching the colour of their belt with that of their shoes, wearing black shoes and a black belt is a fashion fundamental and will complete your suave look for any occasion, be it casual or formal and as such you should have a pair of black leather shoes and a black leather belt”.

Jeans: “Blue jeans are a classic item you should have in your wardrobe, the colour looks good irrespective of the age of the jeans added to the fact that they are comfortable, versatile and can be combined with an array of shoes from sneakers to sandals, or loafers to provide a great sporty look”.

Casual Shirt: “It is essential to have Casual shirts such as a polo or button down in your wardrobe, they can go well with jeans or other casual chinos trousers”.

Perfume/Body spray: “Want to smell good?then get yourself a bottle of perfume, roll-on and body spray that smells cool and lasts longer and they will help to alleviate body odours that are common to the male species”.

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Pics: Trending Ankara Styles You Should Try Out This Week


What better way to start your week than in hot new styles, so start off the week with amazing styles like Ankara styles.

Today we have styles for both the slim and the plus-size divas because regardless of your body type, confidence is the most important component of any outfit, when you feel good in what you are wearing, your confidence is boosted, your posture is correct, you will not be spending time meant for having fun at an event on stretching or pulling your clothes.


Check out these fab styles and thank me later!


Credit: greennewsng


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This year again,top Africa print fabric designers will be partnering with the organisers of the Africa  fashion week to Unveil their new range of Da Viva collection. This unique collection will be done via a Solo show exclusively for the fabric company .
Also on the runway this year, one of Nigeria’s old time favourite prints -ABC Wax , will be relaunched via a rich collection designed by some of Nigeria’s top and seasoned designers , some of which are Modela , House of Regalia , Zizi Cardow and Maufechi .
There will be livestreaming on Da Viva social media channels all through the shows that will be taking place on Saturday –  17.30-20.00 at the Iconic National Arts Theatre, Lagos.
Their unveiling promises to be Epic .
Da Viva have been partners of Africa Fashion Week London & Nigeria for seven years running and  the founder Ms Ronke Ademiluyi  is delighted to have them as a major part of the fashion week this year.
See Pics Below…

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We are so excited to announce fast rising presenter Amira Ibrahim Alfa, as this year’s face of Africa fashion week Nigeria. Amira was first sighted at the corridors of the AFWN 2016 while co-hosting with Derenle Edun on the red carpet. Since then her career has escalated, and we are proud to have her as the face of AFWN 2017.

According to the founder of AFWN Ronke Ademuluyi, Amira was chosen because she’s a model representation of today’s young African woman, who is vibrant, vivacious, and who is unafraid to dream, by stepping out of the norm to make her mark in a career and contribute her own quota to the society and events at large.

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Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2017: Calling On All Fashion Designers


Africa Fashion Week Nigeria is back with a bang! The 2017 edition of the fashion show will kick off soon and it’s about time fashion designers claim their spot.

“After the resounding successes of 3 spectacular fashion events in Nigeria and 6 in London one of the fashion capitals of the world.

It gives us great please to inform you about AFWNigeria on the 3rd & 4th June 2017.

We would like to invite you to join us to make AFWNigeria 2017 a great success as one of the featured designers in this year’s fashion week.

Call today to reserve your slot on 0802 334 1846

On receipt of your payment, AFWNigeria will provide you with all the details of the event for your information and we would be delighted to speak with you further about your participation on the phone.

We look forward to working with you again on this project.”

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Lovely Ankara Styles You Can Rock To Work


“While Ankara prints fabrics can be designed into so many styles, there are some styles that are just appropriate for the office and are guaranteed to keep you looking chic and fabulous”.

Below are some mouthwatering ankara styles, these styles will give you the smartness and confidence you will need in a work environment.


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