This year again,top Africa print fabric designers will be partnering with the organisers of the Africa  fashion week to Unveil their new range of Da Viva collection. This unique collection will be done via a Solo show exclusively for the fabric company .
Also on the runway this year, one of Nigeria’s old time favourite prints -ABC Wax , will be relaunched via a rich collection designed by some of Nigeria’s top and seasoned designers , some of which are Modela , House of Regalia , Zizi Cardow and Maufechi .
There will be livestreaming on Da Viva social media channels all through the shows that will be taking place on Saturday –  17.30-20.00 at the Iconic National Arts Theatre, Lagos.
Their unveiling promises to be Epic .
Da Viva have been partners of Africa Fashion Week London & Nigeria for seven years running and  the founder Ms Ronke Ademiluyi  is delighted to have them as a major part of the fashion week this year.
See Pics Below…

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We are so excited to announce fast rising presenter Amira Ibrahim Alfa, as this year’s face of Africa fashion week Nigeria. Amira was first sighted at the corridors of the AFWN 2016 while co-hosting with Derenle Edun on the red carpet. Since then her career has escalated, and we are proud to have her as the face of AFWN 2017.

According to the founder of AFWN Ronke Ademuluyi, Amira was chosen because she’s a model representation of today’s young African woman, who is vibrant, vivacious, and who is unafraid to dream, by stepping out of the norm to make her mark in a career and contribute her own quota to the society and events at large.

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Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2017: Calling On All Fashion Designers


Africa Fashion Week Nigeria is back with a bang! The 2017 edition of the fashion show will kick off soon and it’s about time fashion designers claim their spot.

“After the resounding successes of 3 spectacular fashion events in Nigeria and 6 in London one of the fashion capitals of the world.

It gives us great please to inform you about AFWNigeria on the 3rd & 4th June 2017.

We would like to invite you to join us to make AFWNigeria 2017 a great success as one of the featured designers in this year’s fashion week.

Call today to reserve your slot on 0802 334 1846

On receipt of your payment, AFWNigeria will provide you with all the details of the event for your information and we would be delighted to speak with you further about your participation on the phone.

We look forward to working with you again on this project.”

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Lovely Ankara Styles You Can Rock To Work


“While Ankara prints fabrics can be designed into so many styles, there are some styles that are just appropriate for the office and are guaranteed to keep you looking chic and fabulous”.

Below are some mouthwatering ankara styles, these styles will give you the smartness and confidence you will need in a work environment.


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This Is How to Wear Sneakers in 2017


We admit it, there’s no wrong way to wear sneakers. That being said, it’s easy to fall into an outfit rut, grabbing for the same jeans, tee, and footwear combination day after day. Luckily, all it takes is a little fresh inspiration to get you excited to try a little something new (because sometimes we just need to shake things up a bit).

Like most of us, celebrities turn to this comfortable-cool footwear to finish off their outfits, both for work and the weekends. So, we’re turning to a few of their latest looks as a jumping-off point for fresh ways to wear your sneakers in 2017. So, no matter what you’re up to, you’ll be able to add some sneakers into the mix.


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Beauty Hacks To Get That Face Glow

a natural face

When it comes to our beauty routine,we are always looking for that one style hack that will keep our face glowing in a natural irresistible manner.

Taking care of your skin can be a big investment, so we’re always down for tricks that don’t take a big bite out of our paychecks. Which is what led us here

Give Yourself a Facial Massage
Got puffy eyes? No problem. Sure, you could stock up on eye cream…or you could use your fingers to give yourself an under-eye massage. “Use your ring fingers to press gently on the orbital bone, moving from the inner to outer corner of your eyes and repeating two to three times,” says celebrity facialist Cecilia Wong. “This will not only stimulate circulation, but it also helps minimize fine lines and reduce inflammation.

Wash Your Hands
…And not only after you go to the bathroom.”Your hands are covered in tons of bacteria from touching doorknobs, keyboards, etc.,” says celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas. “When you touch your face, you’re spreading that bacteria to your skin, which then can trigger breakouts and other skin problems.” If you don’t have easy access to a sink but know your hands are grimy (i.e. you just got off the subway) at least make your face a hands-free zone.

Cleanse Your Skin From the Inside
“Squeeze fresh lemon into a mug full of hot water and drink when you wake up,” says Rouleau, adding that you can always sub in lemon juice. “This helps flush out and purify the body internally, potentially reducing toxins and bacteria in the small intestine that can lead to acne.”

Make a DIY Peel
Homemade masks are a dime a dozen, but homemade peels? Not so much. This one, a favorite of celebrity facialist Georgia Louise, requires a few household staples: baking soda, water, and a splash of lemon juice. Mix two teaspoons of baking soda with one teaspoon of water, and squeeze in a little lemon juice. Apply it to your face and let it dry for five minutes before rinsing with water. Allot another five minutes for checking out your newly radiant skin.

Drink Water:

As we know there are many health benefits of drinking water and juices, one of the best is to help your skin to purify the impurities, and glowing skin tips are incomplete without the inclusion of this essential point. Water cleanses the body and eliminates the toxins and waste

  • Use natural herbal products for your face
  • Avoid bleaching creams and lotions with too much chemicals
  • Add salt to your facial scrub
  • Always clean off your makeup before you sleep
  • Let your face breathe!! Makeup should not be an everyday thing,try to go natural once in a while
  • Do not take oily products in excess;its bad for your skin and health in general

This is what we have for now. To be continued…

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How To Be The Dapper Breathtaking Man


When it comes to fashion, it seems like we always want more, more, more. Remember that it’s about quality, not quantity. Most guys don’t have the time to do a major wardrobe transformation so we have a few grooming tips and fashion hacks on how to get the most out of what you purchase or what you may already own. Read on for 10 fashion hacks you need in your life.

  • Throw out old clothes; there is no need to keep wearing worn out,faded or torn clothes. It gives off the wrong impression.


  • Get a hair cut: if it’s too rough,it is definitely not sexy. Let it go. Find a haircut that suits your face and go have that talk with your barber. There is no point in being well dressed with an unkempt hair.


  • Always iron your clothes,crispy is classy.


  • Get a manicure,I mean,get rid of those dirty nails. You are not a caveman


  • If you want to maintain facial hair,keep it trim and proper. It’s sexier that way


  • Have at least 3 corporate wears. You never know when you might need it


  • Wear cologne. This is very essential. Personally,I feel that your bathing soap and lotion leaves a lasting scent but to enhance this,you can use a cologne but remember,less is more


  • Own good shoes. Don’t go overboard by being too colorful. A pair of black shoes or two is good enough.


  • Be careful on how you dress for an occasion.Every occasion has its own dress code so you need to be careful on how to dress for it to avoid being the odd one out. Remember that there is a difference between standing out and being the odd one.


  • Avoid the ‘one size fits all’ syndrome. The beauty of any outfit is in the fitting. Don’t get it too big or too small. Get it to be just right,perfectly tailored.



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10 Natural Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know


Your natural hair can be such a task most times.Whether you are a pro or a new natural, here are some hacks you can use the next time your hair gives you a hard time.  Some of these tips are common knowledge, while others are life hacks you never thought of. Either way, this is an easy list that you can keep in mind for future reference.

1.Wash and style your hair in sections so that it is not overwhelming.Detangle your hair under running water with loads of conditioner. The weight of the water and the slip of the conditioner will make detangling much easier.
2.  Detangle your hair from end to root NOT root to end.
3.  Don’t let your hair shrink and tangle during the wash process. Wash your hair in braided  sections. You can unravel the braid, wash and rebraid to really get to all of your hair strands.
4.  DON’T make circular motions while washing your hair… unless you want tangles. Scrub your scalp and let the shampoo run down the hair shaft.
5.  Hair conditioner doesn’t have enough slip? Add a few drops of your favorite carrier oil for more slip.
6.  Want to avoid frizz when drying your hair? Trade in your towel for an old t-shirt

7.  Deep condition you hair with heat for maximum conditioning and moisture payoff.
8.  Looking for an alternative for those “homely” looking headwraps at night. Try a satin pillowcase!

9.No conditioner? If you have mayonnaise, extra virgin olive oil, and raw coconut oil, then you have all of the ingredients for the perfect deep conditioner. Nautural hair YouTuber, Razorempress has an excellent tutorial on how to mix it up. You might even end up using this conditioner on a regular basis

10.When you’ve run out of shampoo, apple cider vinegar and baking soda will get your hair clean. Mix one part baking soda with three parts water and apply to your scalp. After rinsing, mix one part apple cider vinegar with 4 parts water and apply to hair and scalp. Rinse with cold water to seal in moisture.

Here’s an extra one. If you’ve run out of your favorite detangler, use aloe vera gel.

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#LADIES ONLY: Vlogging The Online Business That Nigerian ladies Ignore


Nigerian graduates keep complaining of lack of jobs in the country and yet it’s as if the Government is doing little or nothing about it over the years. The truth is, there are little or no jobs at all for the fresh/old graduates of the country currently but does that mean that they should just stay idle and waste with their numerous skills, potentials and talents? Absolutely no! that is why in this article I have compiled step by step guide On Vlogging that Nigerian ladies should venture into instead of taking marriage as a career plan as some do these days.

Online, there are several jobs to do that can actually yield some manageable amount of income to survive food and house rent wise and later on career basis. Below we will be elaborating more in few points, step by step for Vlogging that best suits Nigerian ladies who have certain skills that needs an online audience and that can in turn yield them some cash for up keep.

  • What is Vlogging?

vlogging is a term that describes the act of making videos and uploading them to live streaming platforms such as Youtube, facebook, Instagram and more.

  1. Vlogging With Make-Up Videos:

I know what most females are currently thinking right now. “but I don’t know how to shoot/edit a video and besides I don’t have a laptop or desktop” well that has been resolved these days of ours where there are different Apps on the android and windows smartphones such as Viva Video app , BeautyPlus and more. As a young lady that has the skills of making people up for weddings and other ceremonies, it is high time you create a job online for yourself.


By simply taking coverage of your make up jobs and other skills with your phone whenever you get a contract to make someone up at any event or even in your spare time. If you can’t afford a tripod to stable your smartphone while videoing, you can plead with a friend to help you video the make up process while you explain what you are doing in the video.


After making the video, then it’s time to get to Youtube to upload your video. If you don’t have a gmail, sign up and have one. It’s pretty simple. After that;


Login at youtube using your Gmail

Establish your dashboard with the necessary details/descriptions to help your potential audience understand what your youtube channel is all about.

Upload your video using the “upload” button on the youtube dashboard.



I know you have been thinking of this all along the above processes of vlogging. Well, it’s easy to monetize videos on youtube as it’s integrated with Google Adsense through which you can earn some cash as your channel pulls lots and lots of views to itself. To achieve this, you can use the monetization button on the dashboard to achieve that.

Note: after applying to Google Adsense to approve your channel, it may take 24hrs or days/weeks before they reply or approve/disapprove it.


How Can I get Viewers to My Youtube Videos?

Uploading your videos on Youtube is not enough as you need to copy the link of the video and share on different platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and the rest of them. From there, some persons may pick interest and watch and as well subscribe to your channel and share with friends. Just start with this first and see how it goes.

When you venture into Vlogging as a young lady, you have a lot more chances as your audience and the views your videos pull will also attract advertisers to your channel who may want you to upload their business short clip on your channel as they pay. Don’t let your skills/talents waste while you can actually male something out of it.


What’s your thought on this Business idea for Nigerian ladies?

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Essential Items Every man Should Own


A Wrist Watch
An outfit is never fully complete without a great time piece to go with it…a wrist watch can tell a lot about a man’s taste and sense with plenty of styles to choose from ranging from vintage to gold bracelet watch, the options are vast…there is really no reason why a man shouldn’t have one for it is the most refined and delicate accessory in a man’s closet.

Every profession requires a functional bag. Still, its usefulness doesn’t have to hide your sense of style with plenty of options to pick from be it a briefcase, a cross body messenger’s bag,vintage satchels, leather folio which goes crazily well with business suit and very practical for tablets and other necessities and totes for those confident and masculine men.
Best part is they are readily available and cheap depending on your style.

They are no more regarded to as an obligatory piece of bureaucratic formal wear but a strong statement item every elegant man can take a lot of pride in. But be careful when picking or wearing a tie, one has to pay attention to the style of your collar cause not every collar complements every tie. check what lengths and widths go with which type of blazers.Also it is important to avoid cheap ties because they will just look cheap even if you pair it with expensive shirt and suit.Best tie material out there stills remains silk plus they are affordable.

A high quality leather belt, just like an extra ordinary pair of shoes can last you for a pretty long period of time. Black and chocolate brown are among the colors that can make huge difference for those who want to stand out in the crowd. These colors are fantastic because they can easily match well with all your suits.If your choice of clothes are safe, something as simple as a leather belt can draw attention to your look but keep in mind the belt should match your shoes in color and hue, and in type of leather, if possible. The shinier the belt, the better. Keep the buckle minimalist and polished.For a more casual look, a belt can be wider or thinner than the formal one, and can even contrast the color of the rest of the outfit.

Leather Wallet
Wallets to me are a total must have simply because accentuate your professional liability, traditional colors being black, tan and brown.The basic about a wallet is its functionality, so choose a billfold with a lot of compartments for your business cards, credit cards and ID and if you opportuned enough, personalized engravings in the skin of the wallet or at the can go a long way to your statement

sunglasses are made not just for protection against the sun’s rays but to add a touch of style but to accomplish that certain rules must be followed.Those with square and heart face shapes should go for curved styles like aviators to soften their strong features, while oval and round face shapes will benefit from sunglasses with strong brow lines such as wayfarers and clubmasters. In terms of color, stick to classic black or tortoiseshell frames if opting for wayfarer or clubmasters, or if you’re an aviator type of guy, try a simple silver or gold rimmed version. follow this rules and you can never go wrong. keep in mind that it’s imperative that you buy a pair that features 100 per cent UVA and UVB protection

Pocket Square/handkerchief
It is my belief that every gentleman should have a pocket square or handkerchief in the breast of his pocket not just because if the quality the add to the suit but because when matched with the prefect suit and color it draws attention to you.Men are not suppose to carry handkerchief for themselves alone but for the Ladies as well you never know when will meet one that needs it,that way you could start up a conversation while being a hero.  Also your pocket square should always  have a bit of contrast to your tie/bow tie to archive maximum effect.

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