Read how a 5-year-old boy saved parents who overdosed on heroin

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Ohio Police in a new statement says a 5-year-old boy ran for two blocks in the dark to get help after finding his parents unconscious early on Thursday morning.
His grandfather Kenny Currey said the boy burst into his house saying, “Mom and dad’s dead, mom and dad’s dead!”. Currey then ran back to the house and what he found scared him to death: His stepdaughter and her partner had overdosed on heroin.


Middletown police went to the house where they found the boy’s 3-month-old sister sitting in a car seat, crying. They later found two adults who were unconscious.
“This 5-year-old child, a hero, saved 3 lives today. How can something so awesome be so sad all at the same time?. They are supposed to be her guardians and never let anything bad happen to her”  the police department posted on Facebook.
The father was revived after one dose of Narcan, a medication used to reverse heroin and other opiod overdoses, the police report said. The mother was given seven doses of Narcan and then transported to a hospital because she had not regained consciousness. She was later revived and was taken to jail, the report said.

In Middletown, police brought the 5-year-old boy and his baby sister to the station after the incident and gave the boy a badge for his bravery. The boy’s parents were arrested and charged with two counts of child endangerment and disorderly conduct, police said, but more charges could be filed.

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Why you should visit Borno State


My short  trip to maiduguri revealed to me what the media hasn’t told me about this beautiful hub of learning, hub of resources and hub of economic activities

Of all the places I have visited in Nigeria, Borno is probably one of the most fascinating and this is purely based on the few places I visited there.

Spent less than 20 minutes with the  Borno state governor but what I learnt about  Borno and Nigeria as a whole is priceless .

Imagine Borno being the most important commercial centre in Nigeria.

From being in the Lagos House in Maiduguri to the array of catfish displayed across various junctions to my night at the Barwee suites.

With little or no instructions from traffic wardens,everyone driving even cyclists obeyed traffic lights .

There were too many institutions of learning , I even lost count

In my short stay with the Governor, I found out A borno man has no business being poor, Borno state  is the largest in terms of land mass in Nigeria hence a world of opportunities is readily available to all.

Borno State is the most important commercial center in Nigeria,
Even the economy of kano depends on maiduguri

The Highest cash processing unit in the whole of West Africa is in a bank in Maiduguri

Most of the products that reach West Africa pass through Maiduguri  and as much as one thoudand trucks plight maiduguri to  Chad,Sudan, Libya and various parts of the world

And hey, they also use yellow keke napeps just like Lagos.

In fact everyone should visit Borno to know how beautiful and historic it is

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Read Hilarious reactions from Nigerians after a couple who wanted a private wedding, tied the knot on Mount Everest

Nigerians on twitter have reacted to a trending story of a daring couple who had their wedding at Mount Everest. The couple reportedly trekked for three weeks to the top of the mountain, just to have a private but epic wedding.
Some Nigerians believe that the plan wouldn’t have worked if the couple were Nigerians, as their family members would have trekked with them just to make sure they attend the wedding. See their hilarious reactions after the cut.



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Hushpuppi shades Kcee & Oge Okoye on Snapchat


Looks like Hushpuppi has a penchant for trouble! Over the weekend, the Malaysia based ‘businessman’ took a photo of stacks of dollars while aboard a plane and shared it on Snapchat. He made sure his passport was showing in the photo and later explained why. According to him, this was to deter people from stealing the photos, just like “uncle bla bla and auntie bla bla.”

Nigerians of course decoded who he was taking about – singer, Kcee and actress, Oge Okoye.

Weeks ago, Kcee was called out for stealing a photo of someone’s stack of dollars and passing it off as his own on Instagram, while Oge Okoye was also slammed out for sharing a photo of dogs that were not hers, even though she claimed otherwise.
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Freeze advices women to move on from unhealthy situations

Using the example of the supposed love relationship between 39-year-old new French President, Macron and his 64-year-old wife, Brigitte, who divorced her husband to marry him, OAP Freeze advised women to follow their hearts by moving on from unhealthy relationships. According to him;

“If Brigitte Macron had continued staying with her first husband, she would never have  become the French First Lady. Also there are women who stayed with their husbands, like Michelle Obama did, and became First Ladies too. It’s not about going or staying, it’s about YOU!
Let me ask you a few questions this morning; Is it working for you? Are you truly happy in your relationship? Or are you in an invisible prison built by religion and society, that tells you if your marriage fails you have failed? One pastor looked at me in 2007 as my marriage was crumbling and said I was a failure. Is Brigitte a failure?
Follow your heart and spirit and live forever. What’s the use of a relationship where you are miserable, being beaten and cheated upon? Or are you the one beating and cheating? Maybe you are better off alone or in another relationship.
Ladies, life is short, find your president and become a First Lady. If you are already with him, love, protect and nurture him, If you are not, come out and get him before someone else does!”
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Pics from the traditional wedding of Obasanjo’s son & Kessington Adebutu’s daughter


Former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo’s son, Olujonwo, and Temitope Adebutu, the daughter of Sir Kessington Adebutu, popularly known as Baba Ijebu, had their traditional wedding on Thursday May 11, at the Balmoral Hall of Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos.

The event was attended by Gbenga Daniel, Donald Duke amongst other politicians and business moguls. Tope and Olujonwo had their introduction ceremony in December 2016 and their white wedding will take place tomorrow.

Earlier on, there was controversy over the wedding as one of the wives of former President Obasanjo, Taiwo, filed a lawsuit at an Ikeja High Court, requesting for it to be postponed to a date after June 1st, arguing that she was excluded from all preparations leading to the introduction and proposed wedding, and it will lead to disaster and strange deaths in the country. It was  dismissed on the grounds that the court lacked jurisdiction to hear the suit because 33-year-old Olujonwo Obasanjo is an adult.

More photos below…
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