Photo: 68-year-old grandfather caught with cocaine at Australian Airport claims he was tricked by a Nigerian man


The lawyer of a 68-year-old New Zealand beekeeper charged with smuggling more than two kilograms of pure cocaine into Australia, told the court on Monday that his client is “a good person who fell victim to online Nigerian scammers”

The accused, Roy Stuart Arbon, a New Zealand citizen, was arrested at Perth International Airport in February 2016.

The drugs were concealed in a suitcase he brought from Brazil. He told authorities he had been given the bag by a Nigerian man in Brazil named “Anthony Lambert”.

The court heard he told authorities he was taking the suitcase to India “as a favour”, and he had checked it and believed it only contained clothes.

But Mr Arbon said he had not been able to go to India because he did not have a certificate for yellow fever vaccination.

The court heard two-and-a-half kilograms of powder was found in the bag, two kilograms of which was cocaine, estimated to be worth between $700,000 and $1.4 million.

Border Force officer Christopher Brown told the court Mr Arbon had claimed he was trying to organise a loan of $US120,000 with a Nigerian man named “Doctor William Johnson” who had approached him via the internet.

Mr Arbon said he had intended to sign some loan documents in India, but told a Border Force officer he was to meet Dr Johnson in Sydney for this.

The Border Force officer said Mr Arbon told him of a previous occasion when he brought two suitcases from India to Perth, to be collected by two men of Indian descent.

Mr Arbon’s defence lawyer said her client, who was a beekeeper in New Zealand, fell victim to online scammers.

Ms Oliver told the court that her client was an “innocent victim of a criminal enterprise who targeted him online”.

She said Mr Arbon was a “good person” who did not know he was involved in trafficking drugs.

Prosecutor Edward Fitzpatrick cautioned the jury against having sympathy or prejudice for Mr Arbon, despite the fact he “seems a rather grandfatherly man”.

The trial continues.

Source: The Australian

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Pocs: Runtown gifts himself brand new G63 Mercedes Benz 2017 model to celebrate 28th birthday


Nigerian pop star, Runtown has just bought a brand new whip.

The ‘Mad Over You‘ singer who turned 28 on Saturday, August 19, 2017 already owns a Lamborghini Gallardo and now he’s just added a 2017Mercedez Benz G53 valued at 70 Million naira to his fleet.

The Eric Many frontline act is currently gearing for his ‘Expereince‘ World Tour that’ll kick off in October 2017.

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Increase corpers allowance to N50k- Ayo Fayose tells Governors


Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose, has appealed to the Federal government to increase the allowance of NYSC members from N19, 800 to N50, 000. Fayose made the appeal at the closing ceremony of the orientation course of the 2017 batch “A” stream in the state. Represented at the ceremony by the state Commissioner for Information, Youths and Sports, Mr Lanre Ogunsuyi, Governor Fayose, pledged to make youth corps members stay in the state a memorable one.

“The state government will provide all the necessary support for the Corps members to make their service year memorable in the state”.

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The Ooni of Ife’s marriage to Olori Wuraola has crashed after just 17 months, and here’s all we know about what led to their break up


Yesterday there were reports that the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi’s marriage to his wife Olori Wuraola has crashed after just 17 months and we can tell you authoritatively that this is true.

A few weeks ago, the Ooni told his wife he was no longer interested in the marriage and asked her to leave. The former Olori has relocated from Osun state and now lives in Lagos.

So what led to the marriage break up? Here’s all we know and this is authoritative.

The Ooni married Olori Wuraola shortly after meeting her last year. According to sources close to the estranged couple, after he ascended the throne, a wife was needed asap and he was introduced to Wuraola, who at the time was with a Lebanese business man. But immediately the Ooni indicated interest to marry her, she quickly dumped the Lebanese man and went with the new Ooni.

“She was with this guy in February 2016, infact she had their photo on her Whatsapp DP and just the following month, in March, she was married to the Ooni. We were all surprised” a source close to the former Olori said

“The funny thing is; the Ooni was advised not to marry her. Former president Obasanjo himself, who regards the Ooni highly, advised him to marry someone else but the Ooni turned a deaf ear to his plea. She had been married before to a former governor and a Lebanese man, so many of his inner circle friends wanted another woman for him, but he was adamant” the source continued.

We gathered that the Olori still ran to the same Obasanjo for help and advise, when the Ooni threatened to marry another wife. Obasanjo didn’t do much according to what we gathered.

According to another source, Olori Wuraola and the Ooni didn’t court for long and didn’t really know each other that well before getting married. And she went into the marriage with high expectations from the new Ooni, but when those expectations were not met, she allegedly started to act up.

“They have been having issues for many months now. But the Ooni finally knew his marriage to Wuraola was nearing its end after they returned from London in March.

While there, he suspected the Olori was not 100% loyal to him after he saw some text messages on her phone. I wish I could go into details of what he saw. Before then, she had done so many things, including traveling abroad to be by herself, and many other things that the Ooni was bitter about” the source continued.

According to what we gathered, after the Olori staged the walk against domestic violence in Lagos in July, the Ooni told a few friends that his marriage to the Olori was over, but it wasn’t until about two weeks ago that he informed her family that he no longer wanted the marraige and asked the Olori to leave.

The source was asked how they could have been having marital issues as far back as March 2017 when the Ooni sent out a loving birthday shout out to the Olori in April. The source laughed and said

“Everyone who knows the Ooni knows he would never write that kind of message publicly. We know him. He himself was surprised to see the message online on her birthday but didn’t react, not to embarrass her. The Olori wrote the message herself and posted it on his IG page. I can assure you that message was not from the Ooni”

The message read:

“Happy birthday to my beautiful wife, my queen. I pray on this day you continue to increase in strength, grace and wisdom. I love you very much”

When we asked the source if they thought the marriage could be save, he said no!

“It’s final. He’s done with the marriage but don’t be surprised if there’s a media storm betweem them, especially from the Olori. She sent him a long scathing text message threatening fire and brimstone and called him unprintable names but the Ooni is not fazed. We expect him to get a new wife soon”.


Source: LIB

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Female FRSC official writes on misconceptions about Women in Uniform


Precious Jones, a young official of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) took to her Facebook page to write on common misconceptions about women in uniform.

“I am one lady that can’t be intimidated for any reason
I wear a uniform doesn’t mean am more a man and less a female
When I hear comments like “obiri ni nu uniform buru” ladies in uniform are wicked/stubborn ”
I laff till tears start coming outta my eyes
I accept the fact we could be stubborn but deep down we got a heart
We need that stubbornness to make some of our men/women obey laws  and comply to certain standards required of them
I can remember times men will talk me down on duty and demand to be spoken to by a man
Customer is always right Na
But my real men don’t intimidate women instead they support, respect and build strong women
Am a proud uniform lady
A professional safety expert
A safety educator
Abi I lie?

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Halima Abubakar thanks Omoni Oboli for constant support and prayers


Actress, Halima Abubakar took to her Instagram page to thank her colleague, Omoni Oboli for checking up and praying for her. She wrote;

“My big sis from another mother is my wcw?you stay up late just to chat with me and pray with your family just for me.Near or far you right with me.. @omonioboli thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness  God bless the heart that cares or gives??My hardworking @omonioboli I love you sis?pls beloveds say a huge thank you to her.God bless the hand that types to encourage me in any way.God bless you all my followers who always encourage ,pray,and love me ????God almighty bless you all will broadcast those who reach out to support me?God wants that

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Media Personality, Stephaine Coker and her man arrive in Greece for their destination wedding


Media personality Stephanie Coker and her man, Olumide Aderinokun will be having a destination white wedding in Greece on the 12th of August 2017. They had a lavish traditional wedding back in December 2016 and this marks the final ceremony.

Stephaine’s favourite makeup artist and friend, Anita Brows, photographer Akintayo Timi and popular DJ Obi have all landed in Greece. More updates to come!

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“Buhari Won’t Resign” – Presidency Replies Charly Boy, Other Protesters

“Buhari Won’t Resign” - Presidency Replies Charly Boy, Other Protesters

The Presidency has urged protesters demanding the president’s resignation to do their research well as the president has done nothing wrong.

Spearheaded by Charly Boy, a group of protesters had marched to Aso Rock on Monday, demanding that the president, who has been receiving medical attention in the UK since May 7, either resume office or resign.

However, in his address to State House Correspondents after the protest, Garba Shehu, the spokesman of President Muhammadu Buhari, stressed that the president has not gone against the constitution.

He said Buhari had fulfilled the demands of the law and people are only “looking for things to say”.

“They (protesters) are exercising their rights in line with the constitution of this country. Of what use or value is a democracy in which citizens cannot embark on peaceful protests? So, we respect their right to convene or undertake peaceful protest.”

“On the second issue, whether the president should resign or disclose or whatever, I think they are stepping outside the laws of this country. Anyone conversant with the constitution of this country will have noticed or seen that Mr President has complied 100 per cent with the requirements of the constitution of this country.

“He has handed over power to the vice-president, relying on the constitution and the vice-president is carrying out with the affairs of this country, undertaking activities of government in line with the constitution in a way that the president himself has given words of commendation.

“So, the president has not breached any law. What he has done is perfectly in line with the constitution of this country and people are looking for things to say, I think they should do their research very well.”

In the same vein, Femi Adesina, also a spokesman of Buhari, had said the demands of the protesters were not known to Nigerian laws.

Asked if Buhari would comply with the demands of the group, the special adviser to the president on media and publicity, had said:

“Well, the president would always do what is legal and constitutional. What they are asking for is not known to our laws.

“The president will stand by our laws at all times. He will uphold the laws, he will protect them.”

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Ex-Beauty queen, Powede Lawrence’s wedding to hold on September 9th


The wedding of stunning model and former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Tourism 2013, Powede Lawrence, to her man, Ikechukwu, would be holding on September 9th. Ikechukwu proposed to Powede on July 14th. There are reports that Powede is even pregnant. A week ago, Powede had her bridal makeup trial with celebrity makeup artist, Banke Meshida-Lawal. Congrats to her!

Powede shared this photo on her Instastory this morning.

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