Zimbabwe plans to ban sales of alcohol during weekdays to maintain good health


According to the Zimbabwe Mail, the government is considering placing a ban on the sale of alcohol during weekdays, and at certain times.


Already, a cabinet committee has approved a draft policy outlawing the sale of alcoholic products during certain days, hours, and to pregnant women.  Zimbabwe’s former Health Minister Timothy Stamps, who is the current Health Advisor in the Office of the President and Cabinet, proposed the bill.


According to him, the policy will help maintain good health, as well as protect people from alcohol abuse. The policy seeks to ban the sale of alcohol during the week and at certain hours of the day.


The policy will also provide a guideline on the consumption of alcohol in parties like weddings and birthdays, depending on the venue of the party.  Drivers with a blood alcohol concentration of above 0,08 per 100ml will also be arrested, as well as those found selling alcohol to pregnant women.  The policy will give to the police the power to enforce the ban, which includes that any alcohol advertisement should at least be 100 metres away from a road intersection, school, clinic, hospital, church and old people’s homes.

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15 Reasons to quit smoking weed


It is not uncommon for people to smoke these days but what is totally worrisome  is how youngsters are completely unaware about the possible side-effects of smoking marijuana (weed) regularly. If you among those who pride themselves on being a pothead by smoking marijuana you are putting yourself at the risk of the below listed consequences in the long run.

We have come up with a list of 15 reasons why you should quit smoking weed.

1. It costs money

Weed is an expensive habit to have and it is way more expensive than cigarette smoking, but just as harmful.

2. It makes you dependent

People try to pretend that this is not true, but you start depending on it to have fun, to enjoy activities and soon enough you need it all the time.

3. You strengthen your willpower

One of the most important things we have in life is our willpower. If we are unable to exercise that, we are never going to be able to get through difficult things in life.

4. No more paranoia

Weed smokers say that only amateur smokers get paranoia, but why would you want to smoke so much that you learn to control a substance that is more harmful than good anyways?

5. Avoid trouble at work

So many companies perform random drug tests now that it has become quite difficult for weed smokers to be able to hold jobs in many industries. Smoking weed is just not worth the hassle.

6. Regain mental sharpness

Weed smokers mention how they have a hard time remembering things and keeping track of very basic information in their short term memory.

7. It ruins your ambition

Yes, it has been widely known that smoking weed makes you less ambitious and more likely to just want to sit down or lay down doing nothing.

8. Regain control of your dietary habits

The “munchies” are quite a common side effect of weed and most people tend to eat junk food to satisfy the extreme food cravings they get when they smoke it.

9. Feel energized again

Weed smoking makes a person very lethargic and their energy levels fall significantly. You are never going to hear any pot smoker saying that smoking marijuana makes them feel energized and full of life.

10. Get rid of other bad habits

If you have the courage to stop smoking weed, you can probably do the same thing with alcohol and tobacco or any other harmful addictions you might have. This is going to be very important if you want to have success in life.

11. Stop hiding

You will be able to stop living with this secret that so many people would alienate you for sharing. Keep in mind that the vast majority of people find drugs to be a terrible habit.

12. Avoid legal issues

Do you really want to end up in court defending yourself for having weed in your vehicle or for any issues related to purchasing weed from a dealer? We know the answer to that one is no.

13. Regain your self-respect

People don’t like to admit this, but when they have a bad habit and a harmful vice controls their lives, they lose their self-respect and it’s important to regain that.

14. Clear your lungs

Smoking marijuana is terrible for your lungs and if you are considering a way to consume marijuana without smoking it, then you are definitely hooked to it. Why not just quit?

15. Improve your personal appearance

Your face looks bad when you smoke weed. You look like you’ve had no sleep even if you have been sleeping 8 hours a night. When you stop smoking weed your whole personal appearance is way better.


Being able to quit smoking weed is going to be one of the best things you could do for your health but physically and mentally. Never forget that a strong willpower will help you evolve as a person.

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Baby Born “Pregnant” In India Shocks Health Expert (PHOTOS)


A baby in India was born “pregnant” with his half-formed twin in a rare case that has astonished the medical fraternity in the country.

Radiologist Bhavna Thorat said some mass with the presence of bones was discovered early July in the then foetus’ abdomen during a routine scan of the 19-year-old pregnant mother.


“In the post-natal scans, we spotted another half-formed baby with a brain, arm and legs in a foetal sac in the baby’s abdomen.


“The mother had conceived twins. But here a twin got enveloped in the body of another twin, leading to a condition of a host baby and its parasitic twin, who grew up to 13 weeks and then stopped.

This was a rare case of foetus-in-foetus, a congenital anomaly in which a malformed and parasitic foetus grows inside the body of a baby,’’ Thorat added.


After his birth on July 20 at Bilal Hospital in Thane, near the western city of Mumbai, the baby underwent surgery recently to have the foetus removed.

Paediatric surgeons at a separate hospital operated on July 25 to remove the unborn twin, a male about 7 cm in length and weighing around 150 grammes.


“There were no complications. Both the mother and the baby boy are still admitted but are in good health,’’ gynaecologist Neena Nichlani told newsmen.


Nichlani and Thorat said only 100 such cases have been documented worldwide.


“A foetus-in-foetus is estimated to occur once in every 500,000 live births,’’ Thorat said.


Source NAN


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5 Kenyan girls develop new app to fight Female Genital Mutilation


Five school girls from Kenya: Stacy Owino, Cynthia Otieno, Purity Achieng, Mascrine Atieno and Ivy Akinyi, will be Africa’s only representatives at Technovation in California next month.

A competition where girls aged 10 to 18 develop mobile phone apps to end problems in their communities for a chance to win $15,000. The Kenyan team have designed an app for young women at risk of Female Genital Mutilation.

Their app is known as the I-cut, its main aim is to put an end to FGM. I-cut presents a total assistance mechanism to girls at risk of FGM. It also connects victims with rescue centres and gives legal and medical help to those who have been cut.

According to research, One in four Kenyan women and girls have undergone FGM, which involves the partial or total removal of the external genitalia, even though it is illegal in the East African nation.

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NASS Set To Support Rehabilitation Of Drug Addicts


The National Assembly has said it is now ready to support the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), in order to help it stem the increasing tide of trafficking, production, and rehabilitation of drug addicts in Nigeria.

While making the promise today, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Drugs and Narcotics, Sen. Joshua Lidani, at the end of a three-day workshop on drug control in Uyo, Akwa Ibom, said, “We have a lot that we are taking back home and this will definitely enhance our work in the Senate.”

“This is in terms of making of laws, oversight functions, budgetary exercises and other things that we, as committees in the senate, are expected to do.”

“We are going home more knowledgeable and more aware of a lot of issues that we will be eager to take on in the committees of the Senate and House of Representatives.”

“We discussed extensively on balanced, evidence-based and human rights-based drug control in line with the three UN drug control conventions.”

“There is a need to ensure drug demand reduction through sensitisation, awareness, education on drug issues to communities, professionals, families, religious leaders, traditional rulers among others.”

“There is equally a need for professional training that is continuous for drug counsellors, social workers, doctors, nurses and other professionals.”

“Also, there is an urgent need to expand treatment through establishment and maintenance of treatment centres with focus on community-based treatment, detoxification, counselling and rehabilitation.”

“We intend to pursue these key areas the moment we get back to the National Assembly. We will also continue to engage ministries and technical agencies, UNODC, EU and other key stakeholders.”

“We intend to pay advocacy visit to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Budget and National Planning and the Presidency.’’

The workshop was organised for members of the Senate and House of Representatives Committees on Narcotics and Drugs by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) with support from the European Union.

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New cases of Lassa Fever confirmed in Ondo State


5 people have been hospitalised in Ondo State for being infected with the dreaded Lassa Fever. Officials at the Ondo State Ministry of Health confirmed the development, saying five persons have so far been diagnosed with the disease in the state.

Three weeks ago, there were reports that a student of Achievers University, Owo, was infected with the disease and hospitalised at the Federal Medical Centre in Owo, Ondo state. This led parents and students of the institution to demand that the management of the school take measures to ensure the safety of the students. This led to a three-weeks mid-semester break being declared.

The Permanent Secretary of the state’s Ministry of Health, Taye Oni, told journalists in Akure that there were new cases of the virus in addition to the student of the Achievers University earlier diagnosed. He said two cases were recorded in Owo Local Government Area and two in Akoko North-West Local Government Area.

“Government is doing its best to contain the recorded cases by isolating the patients to prevent further spread,” Mr. Oni said. “We also embarked on aggressive contact tracing, sensitisation of the people not just in Owo and Ose but across the state on preventing and precautionary measures.”

In a statement on Wednesday, the Vice Chancellor of Achievers University, Tunji Ibiyemi, said the student who was infected with the disease did not get it from within the campus, but outside, Premium Times reports.

He blamed inflammatory media reports for the anxiety that trailed the incident, saying the student had since been undergoing treatment and would soon be discharged from the hospital.

“The Management of Achievers University, Owo takes the overall well-being of its staff and students seriously. Nothing is, therefore, spared to ensure this. Apart from the University health centre, which is empowered to cater for the health of students and staff promptly, the University has a memorandum of understanding with the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Owo, to which staff and students are referred when the need arises,” the Mr. Ibiyemi explained.

“For a fact, a student of the University reported at the University health centre for treatment. However, she was not responding to treatment, and as usual, had to be referred to the FMC, where she was diagnosed of having Lassa fever symptoms. She has since stabilised, and will be discharged anytime soon. Investigation carried out by the University revealed that the affected student must have contracted the disease from outside the university premises as none of her roommates and friends, who have been screened, developed symptoms of the ailment. So, what we have in the university is an isolated case of Lassa fever, not an outbreak as being rumoured.”

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Pics: Customs seize and destroy N83million worth of frozen chicken


The Nigeria Customs Service Federal Operations Unit Zone C Owerri have destroyed 4118 cartons of frozen poultry with duty paid value of N83,389,500 yesterday at the Abia/Command in Owerri.

Comptroller Amajam Bukar, the Controller Federal Operations Unit Zone C Owerri said the seizure of the poultry products which was transported in a 1X40ft container, was achieved through a tip off from an informant to operatives of the Nigeria Customs Service Federal Operations Unit Zone C Owerri.

The Unit with the aid of partner security agencies including the National Agency for Food Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the Nigeria Police Force, was able to secure the container and its contents and destroy it in line with government directives.

Comptroller Amajam who stressed that frozen poultry products is illegal and an import prohibition called on the public not to patronize such products which he said are harmful to human health. He also called on intending frozen poultry importers to desist and instead channel their resources to legal imports will be of benefit to the nation and to avoid loss.

He reiterated the commitment of the Service to work tirelessly to protect the economy as well as the local agriculture industry from unhealthy competition. On hand to witness the destruction were representatives of the Nigeria Police Force, the National Agency for Food Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC), the Department of State Security, National Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), amongst others.

More photos below…




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8 Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep


Are you the type that wakes up feeling sleepy and lethargic even after several hours of sleep? If you wake up tired every day, then don’t dismiss this as mere laziness on your part. All the overlooked yawning and tiredness you have may be your body’s own way of telling you that all is not well with you.

If you notice any of these signs listed below then, it may be a sign that you are not getting enough sleep.

You are hungry all the time: “Research showed that sleep loss associated with activation of the stress system leads to increased hunger and hormonal changes that may lead to increased consumption of comfort food”.

You are gaining weight: “If you are gaining weight for no rhyme or reason, check how much sleep you are getting, lack of sleep increases ghrelin, a hormone that promotes hunger and if you eat to satiate your taste buds and don’t indulge in any calorie-burning activity, you can easily become obese”.

You fall asleep early in the morning: “If it is stress-induced sleeplessness which keeps you awake at night chances are you might fall asleep early in the morning to complete your sleep quota”.

You wake up early: “One reason for waking up early in the morning even before your alarm rings could be because the circadian rhythm has started to deteriorate, this happens mostly with age-related insomnia where night-time sleep becomes fragmented and you wake up early in the morning feeling fatigued”.

You wake up with dry mouth: “Often people suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) wake up with a dry mouth as they don’t get enough air to breathe, have pauses in breathing and feel sleepy early in the morning”.

You wake up with a headache: “Early morning chronic headaches can also be a sign, lack of sleep, fragmented sleep or suffering from a sleep disorder could be a reason for these headaches”.

Your temper is on the edge: “Sleep has a role to play in your emotional well-being too. Reduced quantity and quality of sleep results in increased overall aggression”.

Your s3x life has gone for a toss: “If you don’t get enough sleep, there are chances you won’t be able to keep your partner happy in bed, this is especially true for men. In men, hormonal changes in testosterone that occur with obstructive sleep apnea and other conditions of chronic sleep deprivation adversely affect s3xual life”. “Sleep loss reduces testosterone levels in males causing sexual dysfunction”.

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Bird Flu returns to 7 states in Nigeria – Federal Government warns


The Federal Government through the Director of Veterinary and Pest Control Services of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, has alerted the general public on the recent outbreak of bird flu in Nigeria. The director Mr Gideon Mshelbwala in a statement listed the states affected by the outbreak to include Bauchi, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Nasarawa, Plateau, FCT and lastly Kaduna, which reported a case on May 30.

He said that the disease had spread across 26 states of the federation and the FCT since it started in 2008 affecting 800 farms in no fewer than 123 local government areas. Mshelbwala said that the way forward to the containment of the disease was to ban importation of poultry and products, quarantine and bio-security measures, among others.

He, however, warned poultry farmers against illegal vaccination of birds, saying that it was a deadly alternative to the control of the disease.

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“Starvation is the Worst Answer On A Weight Loss Journey” – @askdamz #Prolife

FullSizeRender (3)

The most common thing about the 21st century woman is her weight consciousness. Is she too fat or too slim or not well shaped? Most times, our ignorance and desperation for perfection often lures us into making the wrong decision. But all that is about to change now on the premier episode of #Prolife. We have someone who has dedicated her time into studying fitness subjects such as this. We bring you the CEO of Askdamz, a fitness expert who has the right answers to those questions on your weight that you’re just clamoring to know


1. Describe the askdamz enterprise
Askdamz is a weight management consulting company that helps people work towards being the strongest, fittest, healthiest version of themselves. We help people lead a healthy lifestyle to achieve their weight/ body goals. We work with clients from all around the world to build knowledge and implement practical steps to enable them achieve their weight goals.
2. How and why did you get into this business?
Few years ago, I had severe GERD (Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease) and my size affected not only my health but my passion for fashion as well because I couldn’t fit into most of the outfits in the stores. Also knowing that a lot of people are going through these same issues as I did and the drive to want to help people live a healthier lifestyle, look and feel better about themselves hence the birth of Askdamz.


3. How does one manage a balanced diet without eating too much?
Portion control is most important when trying to manage a balanced diet. Knowing to eat all the classes of food in their right quantities works the magic.


4. Why must one measure body mass index?
Body Mass Index (BMI) is a one of the standard means of measurement used when trying to lose weight. It is not the most important indicator as it varies according to race, sex, age and height.Therefore, I always advise people not to be so hard on themselves due to their BMI because the figures are unrealistic for Black people due to the density of our bones. Our bones are way heavier than that of a Caucasian of our same height and age.

5. There are so many programs for people who want to lose weight, but how does one gain healthy weight?
By eating healthy food in the right portions. Some people want to build muscles (especially around the bum area), so they would need to increase their calorie allowance to help them build muscle. It’s okay if you want to add weight, what’s important is to be healthy.

6. How does one avoid anorexia in the process of diet and weight watching?
On a weight loss journey, starvation isn’t the answer. We would never encourage anything that would make you have a negative relationship with food. Please flee all appearances of starvation.

7. What type of foods aids healthy hair, skin and nails?
I’m a proud promoter of Moringa products, I used the seed and leaf capsules and have had radiant skin ever since. There so many fruits and vegetables filled with vitamins (A, C, B) and minerals (zinc, beta carotene, biotin) which help with hair, skin and nail growth, some of the fruits I like are avocados and green vegetables like spinach.

8. If you could go back in time, what would you change?
We press on towards what is ahead. I know it’s a question to find out what I would probably want to do something different but in all honestly, the future is exciting. However, if you asked what superhero I would like to be in the future, I would have had the most amazing answer.

9. What are the 5 mistakes weight watchers must avoid?
1. Starvation 2. Cutting out essential food groups 3. Excessive sitting (Move more) 4. Comparing your journey with others 5. Improper planning

10. How does one subscribe to your services and what does subscription afford me?
You can either send an email to us on or contact us via Whatsapp: +2349074933141 or you can also slide into our dms on Instagram (@askdamz). The subscription entails weight loss consulting, knowledge and practical principles to apply in order to achieve your desired body goals and so much more.

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3 dead as Ebola virus makes comeback in DR Congo

2 (1)
The Health Ministry of the Democratic Republic of Congo together with the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed on Friday that one person who died recently of a hemorrhagic fever has tested positive for the Ebola virus, indicating a fresh new outbreak of the killer disease.
According to the Ministry, the case was confirmed after tests were conducted on nine people who came down with a hemorrhagic fever in Bas-Uele province in the north of the country on or after April 22, adding that three people have died of fever.

‘Our country must confront an outbreak of the Ebola virus that constitutes a public health crisis of international significance,’ the ministry said.

Confirming the outbreak to Reuters, the WHO’s Congo spokesman, Eric Kabambi said: ‘It is in a very remote zone, very forested, so we are a little lucky. We always take this very seriously.”
The last outbreak of Ebola in Congo was in 2014 and killed 42 people.
It could also be recalled that in 2014,  a Nigerian nurse, Obi Justina Ejuelonu equally lost her life after attending to Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian-American Ebola carrier who brought the disease to Nigeria and also died in Lagos.
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You can catch std’s from your man’s beard!


Wearing a beard seems to be the rave of the moment among men, especially the young men.

These days, men scrape off their heads while spotting buoyant, well-nurtured beards.

Yet, experts are saying that though a well-groomed beard may appear sexy, it also  has the potential to be a breeding ground for germs, causing fungal infections and herpes.

Indeed, physicians warn that they can even carry pubic lice!

Dermatologists indeed say that a very thick beard may disguise symptoms of skin disease, and anyone who comes into close contacts with it risks being infected.

A dermatologist, Dr. Debra Jaliman, notes, “If a guy doesn’t groom his moustache and beard properly, they can become a breeding grounds for germs.

“Though the risk is small, chin and cheek hair can harbour germs that can cause infections such as herpes, fungal infections, or even a dangerous Staphylococcus infection. If you come in direct contact with any of these infectious agents, you may end up with skin problems.”

Jaliman adds that the problem partly has to do with the wiry hairs that trap sweat, bodily fluids, even bits of food, all of which serve as breeding grounds for microbes.

Another problem, Jaliman says, is that thick facial hair can camouflage symptoms of a transmissible skin issue that isn’t directly related to the beard or moustache itself, such as redness that could be from yeast or a herpes sore.

If the man doesn’t notice the signs, he could inadvertently infect his sex partner with it.

Other things you can get from hipster facial hair include warts and impetigo.

Again, she says, a bristly beard can cause irritation and a rash when rubbed against his partner’s face, which can trigger pink bumps and chafing.

How to groom facial hair

• Wash with soap at least once a day

• Inspect it regularly (say, after meals, for instance) to make sure no particles or dirt are trapped between the hairs.

• Before you engage in any direct contact with his beard, ensure that the skin around and under it is healthy, with no redness, bumps, or blisters.

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