#KimaniOffAir: It takes me 20 minutes to make a single – Mr Eazi

mr Eazi

Mr Eazi, born July 19th, had his basic and secondary education in Lagos, Nigeria and university education in Ghana and He is the fastest rising Afro-beats artist with over four Hit singles already to his credit.
He Currently shuttles between Nigeria and Ghana at the moment for both Music, Business, and Family.

Here is the highlight of how it went down on #KimaniOffAir with Mr Eazi


The Tweet Chat #KimaniOffAir hosted by (@cutekimani) is a weekly chat with notable personalities from all industries, Every other Friday at 8pm.

1 @mreazi when make we dy expect leg over video.  Me no fit wait o – @memphiskiddybos

A: This month #kimanioffair
2 At that point where it felt like you might just not reach the height you envisioned , how did you push onward @mreazi #kimanioffair
A: not gotten there yet o
3 @mreazi @cutekimani #kimanioffair which girl in particular inspired you to write holdup – @feranmi_s
A: my ex! My 1st Ex #kimanioffair
4 Will you get back with your Ex if she begs you to? @mreazi – @omale_H
A: She doesnt need to beg sef! I still love her
5 Why the name Mr. Eazi.   @mreazi @cutekimani #kimanioffair – @achipo_cudy
A: cos im eazi going and my music is soft and eazi
6 Apart from music, what other thing can/do you do? Or, what other thing do you love doing? @cutekimani @mreazi #kimanioffair – @naijacabal
A: eating dodo
7 @mreazi who is that your female Nigerian ent crush again 😂????  CC: #kimanioffair – @iceberg_kel
A: hmm make i think @Ms_DSF definately
8 Bagging awards at the end of 2016 ; out shining  other artistes who had been around for a long while, how did you feel @mreazi #kimanioffair
A : i dont think i out shined anybody! i was just grateful for the recognition
9 @mreazi why did u choose to start ur music career on Ghana after school? Cc @cutekimani #KimaniOffAir – @its_isavy
A: i felt since i was in Ghana i might aswell make music My Ghana Fam can vibe to!
10 @mreazi you’ve been successful in the industry lately, how did you do it? Cc @cutekimani #kimanioffair -@thisiskanzee
A: God wave! twitter, instagram, #kimanioffair
11 @mreazi  what’s coming up next. #kimanioffair – @awabil
A: mixtape Accra to Lagos
12 @mreazi what if Nicki Minaj responds to your tweet? You go shun?
#kimanioffair – @tall_dee
A: yea, I go shun
13 How long does it take you to make one single….. Do you write your music yourself. @mreazi @cutekimani #kimanioffair – @achipo_cudy
A: depends from 20 mins to 1hr #kimanioffair
14 You currently own a telecoms business in Lagos Nigeria, what drove this move ? @mreazi #kimanioffair
A: i was looking for funding for my Gold Business, and i found opportunity for tech startup funding and merged with a friend to push the coy
15 What’s the worst thing an ecstatic fan ever did to you physically @mreazi
A: hmm nothing comes to mind ! my people jus show me love!!
16 Had you always wanted to be Mr. Eazi… When did you feel.. “this is it… Music is my thing”. @mreazi @cutekimani #kimanioffair – @achipo_cudy
A: err July 17th i think! ie at Ghana Party At The Park
17 Did you think it will take such a short while for people to buy into your sound, did it seem like a short while at all @mreazi
A: Walahi feels really short! i think im still growing tho! Only a few People have bought into the sound
18 are you happy at Star Boy records? @mreazi. – @thisiskanzee
A: im not happy chale! im Vibely
19 You  came to the fore mid 2016, and had a sold out concert same year , how did that happen
A: hmm thats the grace of God at work TBH i never planned it, but i moved as God made possible! my people show me too much love
20 @mreazi  Who is/are ur role model(s) @cutekimani #KimaniOffAir – @its_rayh
A: Err Lagbaja, my mummy, my daddy, my uncle, etc
21 Ghanaians are claiming you, and Nigerians are doing same, how do you feel being in the center of this love tussle – @tall_dee
A: u dis guy! what be ur matter? Lmao
22 @cutekimani @mreazi how did you discover the slang zagadat? And what does it mean? – @ru_banj
A: omo na by divine inspiration o! one day as i was recording! it means correct! spiritual! dope! Amen!
23 What motivates or inspires you. Was there ever a situation that almost discouraged you from doing music – @achipo_cudy
A: TBH i am inspired & Motivated by life! and everything in it!
24 You once  tweeted that you rose to stardom without any form of PR influence, can a business really stand without PR
A: hmm not entirely, i meant traditional pr, word of mouth is also pr! Pr is important
25 @mreazi what’s you brand of music, can you define it? Cc @cutekimani #KimaniOffAir – @MARKDIDDY
A: banku music
26 Born  Nigerian, why did you stay in Ghana for that long ? Would you still choose your stay in Ghana over Nigeria
A: I was in school for 5 years, after that i stayed back to try do all sorts lol
27 What was your daily routine  before stardom? @mreazi #kimanioffair https://
A: wake up 6am, head to the office at 8am, close at 6pm, head to the studio or to the other office till God knows when
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