‘When President Buhari was in the UK, he jokingly told me if he dropped dead I would have to run the country’ – Osinbajo says


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo yesterday disclosed that when President Buhari was on Medical vacation in the UK, he jokingly told him that if he, Buhari, dropped dead, he would still have to run the government. Osinbajo said President Buhari made the joke when he called him to brief him on how he was running the country in his capacity as Acting President.

‘I remember when he was on medical vacation, and I was speaking to him on the phone fairly regularly and giving him a rundown of what was going on, especially when he was on the first medical vacation. He said to me, “don’t worry about telling me all that is happening, I rely on your judgment keep doing your best, what if I drop dead?! You would have to run it anyway.” I had to say to him, that his dropping dead was not part of the plan’ he said

He also spoke on President Buhari’s prudency.

‘Some things have not been included in the book and I might just supply some of that. One of such things, is the exemplary frugality, the honesty and humility, and sense of humour of Mr. President. That frugality can sometimes be a problem, as you know, Mr. President decided that since government provides accommodation, food and transportation for the President and the Vice President, we didn’t need a full salary. Now how much is this salary by the way? It is public knowledge and I think it is N1, 750,000.00 or so, which is under N2million. He said he would take only half of his salary and so I had no choice but also to take over of my own salary. Unfortunately Mr. President turned down my request, to give the other half to a worthy cause – his Vice President. He didn’t consider me a more worthy cause to give half of his salary! (Laughter). In a country where politicians sometimes want to be as wealthy as Dangote, it is refreshing to have a President who most people won’t even dare to discuss any private benefit on a project let alone a bribe or a kick-back. Nigeria’s major problem is corruption, it is the main reason for the depletion of our resources, such that we had no savings when oil prices fell, and we were losing over 1billion barrels a day. It was the prudence and honesty of the President that ensured that despite the economic downturn, we were able to support the States, spend N1.3trillion on capital expenditure, the largest in the history of the nation, and also to ensure we met all our other obligations, both foreign and local. Mr President’s unassuming personality and humility, is in my view, probably his greatest strength. This is why he is never flattered, or carried away by praise or adulation. He has always said: “I don’t pretend to know all the answers. I am here to provide stability and leadership, to a generation, a group of people, determined to run this country honestly, to provide jobs and prosperity to the poor, and our huge youth population.” he said

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ISIS supporters threaten to attack the Vatican on Christmas day


A propaganda poster released by a pro-Islamic State group this week called on ISIS followers to attack the Vatican on Christmas, the SITE Intelligence Group revealed.

The image from the Wafa Media Foundation shows a car driving into St. Peter’s Basilica, an Italian Renaissance church in Vatican City. They also wrote on the poster that the attack should take place on Christmas day.

Experts said it’s unlikely ISIS forces could enter Rome or the Vatican anytime soon, as the group recently was defeated militarily and driven out of its strongholds in Iraq and Syria. However, experts say it’s important to take seriously the threat against the Vatican.

This is not the first time the Islamic State has specifically threatened the Vatican. In August, a pro-ISIS group released a video calling for attacks on Pope Francis and for Catholic icons to be destroyed. The video showed jihadists tearing photographs of the pope.

“We will have our vengeance, we will arrive in Rome,” the jihadists said in the video.

Members of the Swiss Guard, the security force that protect the Vatican, said they believed it was “only a matter of time” before an attack was carried out in the holy city. Last year, Italian police arrested four men in connection with an alleged plot against the Vatican.


Source: NewsWeek

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Man kidnaps own nephew in Kano, demand for N2 million ransom from the father


Photo: Man kidnaps own nephew in Kano, demand for N2 million ransom from the father

The Kano State Police Command have arrested two members of a kidnapping syndicate, Samuel Moses a.k.a. Charmangu and Chidebere Anyawu a.k.a Chijoski for kidnapping a 9-year-old boy for ransom.

Moses, an indigene of Benue State, residing at Layin Pampo Brigade Qtrs Kano, criminally conspired with Chidebere Anyawu, an indigene of Imo State, residing at Tudun Wada by Eldorado Cinema, Kano, and deceived his 9-year-old nephew after closing from school, kidnapped him and demanded a ransom of N2 Million from the father.

The matter was reported to the Police and the child was rescued without paying any ransom.

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‘Remaining Chibok girls to be released soon’


President Buhari says the remaining 113 Chibok school girls that are still in Boko Haram captivity will soon be released. Speaking at the launch a book on the giant strides of his administration in Abuja yesterday, President Buhari said…

‘During the year it was my great pleasure to secure the release of 102 Chibok school girls. We are doing our best quietly and effectively as possible to get the rest released. We are working day and night with our international partners to release the remaining girls as soon as possible, as well as women and children still on captivity.” he said

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Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been removed from power and his former vice president installed as interim president


Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, who has ruled the country for over 37 years, since independence from the UK, has been removed from power and his former vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who he sacked some days back, has been installed as an interim president.


Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been removed from power and his former vice president installed as interim president


The move comes after the Zimbabwe army seized power overnight with gunshots and explosions heard in the capital. The 93-year-old dictator was arrested along with his wife by the army in the capital Harare. A leading South African news website has reported that Mugabe is now preparing to step down. News24 also claims that he has made negotiations for his wife Grace to leave the country.

Former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, 75, who Mugabe fired some days back, will now take power according to the ruling ZANU PDF Party. The party also issued a series of tweets this morning, saying there was not a military coup – just a “bloodless transition”.

The statements read: “Last night the first family was detained and are safe, both for the constitution and the sanity of the nation this was necessary. Neither Zimbabwe nor ZANU are owned by Mugabe and his wife. Today begins a fresh new era and comrade Mnangagwa will help us achieve a better Zimbabwe.”


Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been removed from power and his former vice president installed as interim president


“There was no coup, only a bloodless transition which saw corrupt and crooked persons being arrested and an elderly man who had been taken advantage of by his wife being detained. The few bangs that were heard were from crooks who were resisting arrest, but they are now detained.

“ZANU PF has a way of solving our own problems, the situation is stable and Zimbabwe is open for business. There was no coup, but a bloodless peaceful transition- the centre is strong and there is peace with honest leadership.”


Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been removed from power and his former vice president installed as interim president


In other tweets, Zanu PDF Party continued to reiterate that it was not a coup. The situation in the country is tense. Observers report that people are going about their business, taxis are running but everywhere is unusually quiet.


Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been removed from power and his former vice president installed as interim president


Meanwhile, controversial British journalist, Piers Morgan has taken to Twitter to gloat about the removal of Mugabe. He revealed that he will be shedding no single tear for the ousted dictator.

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PICS: Pope Francis gets N76m Lamborghini as gift & donates it to charity


This is how it should be done! Pope Francis gets N76m Lamborghini as gift & donates it to charity (Photos)

On Wednesday, Pope Francis was given a white-painted special edition of Lamborghini Huracan as a gift, which sells for around 180,000 euros (N76m), but the pontiff gave it to charity.

The pontiff received the Italian supercar painted especially for him in papal gold and white on Wednesday morning in a ceremony in Vatican City.

He blessed it, signed its hood, and promptly handed it over to Sotheby’s, which will auction off the Huracan on his behalf to raise money for charity.

This is how it should be done! Pope Francis gets N76m Lamborghini as gift & donates it to charity (Photos)The aim is to allow Christians who were forced to leave the region “to finally return to their roots and recover their dignity,” the Holy See said.

The money will go towards helping displaced Christians in Iraq, victims of trafficking and prostitution, and Italian charities working with women and children in countries in Africa.

The funds will also be used to rebuild homes and churches for Christians chased out of Iraq by Islamic State terrorists. The rebuilding efforts will be focused on the Nineveh Plains, north-east of Mosul, where Christians were forced to flee years of fighting.

This is how it should be done! Pope Francis gets N76m Lamborghini as gift & donates it to charity (Photos)

It could also be recalled that the Pope ordered cars he used during a visit to Poland to be auctioned off to help Syrian refugees last year.

In 2014, he also sold a Harley Davidson motorbike that he had been given and a matching leather jacket for the benefit of a homeless shelter in Rome.

This is how it should be done! Pope Francis gets N76m Lamborghini as gift & donates it to charity (Photos)

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5 dead after a gunman sprays bullets into a school while terrorizing a Northern California town


Five people were killed, including the suspected gunman, in a shooting Tuesday morning near an elementary school in a small rural community of California, about 190 kilometers north of the state capital of Sacramento.

5 dead after a gunman sprays bullets into a school while terrorizing a Northern California town

Several people were also injured, including three minors, as multiple shots were fired in Rancho Tehama. It is believed that the bloody incident, which lasted for about 45 minutes, might have been triggered by a domestic dispute. The gunman, in his 50s, drove out of home after a quarrel in the morning, then shot at people along the street randomly. At one point, he terrorized a local elementary school. Witnesses said he crashed through the school’s gates with his truck and opened fire, spraying walls and classrooms with bullets. Teachers and other adults on campus frantically got the students under desks.


The gunman’s deadly rampage through rural Rancho Tehama was stopped when police rammed his vehicle and exchanged shots in a fierce gun battle, authorities said. Tehama County assistant sheriff Phil Johnston said that two children were among the wounded. He said police received a call at about 8:00 a.m. reporting that multiple shots were fired at the school. The policemen found a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns at the scene. He added that the school was cleared, and the children who were attending school were moved to a safe location.

“I am told the suspected shooter is deceased by law enforcement bullets,” said the deputy.

He added: “We have about 100 law enforcement personnel in Rancho Tehama, working on at least five scenes.”

5 dead after a gunman sprays bullets into a school while terrorizing a Northern California town


Johnston said the gunman killed a man and a female neighbor he had an ongoing feud with. He said the gunman’s dispute with neighbors may have sparked the violence.

“I think the motive of getting even with his neighbors and when it went that far — he just went on a rampage,” Johnston speculated.

According to the local Redding Record Searchlight newspaper, five people were killed in the mass shooting and at least ten wounded people including children had been sent to three hospitals in north California. The report said

Brian Flint, a young man told the Redding Record Searchlight that the suspect was a known felon and often harassed him and the other neighbors. Flint said in video clips posted online by the newspaper that he got a call in the morning that his roommate was injured, his truck had been stolen, and his neighbor was identified as the gunman.

“The crazy thing is that the neighbor has been shooting a lot of bullets lately, hundreds of rounds, large magazines. We made it aware that this guy is crazy and he’s been threatening us,” Flint said.


5 dead after a gunman sprays bullets into a school while terrorizing a Northern California town


The authorities refused to disclose the identity of the shooter but the sister of the gunman confirmed his identity as Kevin Janson Neal, 44. Sheridan Orr, of North Carolina, told Los Angeles Times that her brother had a history of mental illness and episodes of rage.

“There are certain people that do not need guns, and my brother was clearly one of them,” she said.

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Explsions rock Zimbabwe as military take control of the country’s airwaves but deny coup against Mugabe


Early this morning, heavy gunfire and explosions were heard in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, after which the military took control of the country’s airwaves, but they insist it is not a coup and the President is “safe” with his family.

Hours after taking control of the national broadcaster, ZBC, a military spokesman, Major General Sibusiso Moyo made a televised announcement saying it was not a military takeover. Major Moyo said the army was targeting “criminals around” Mugabe, who were “committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in order to bring them to justice”. He added that the situation will return to normalcy as soon as they are done.

Citizens were urged to remain calm and go about their normal activities.

“We urge you to remain calm and limit unnecessary movement,” Moyo said. “However, we encourage those who are employed and those with essential business in the city to continue their normal activities as usual.”

Moyo said the army had acted the way they did because the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation had been ordered not to broadcast a statement from the military on Monday and since the situation in the country “has moved to another level”, action had to be taken.

He further stated that all leave for members of the military has been canceled and personnel are to return to barracks immediately. He urged the security forces to “cooperate for the good of our country” while warning that “any provocation will be met with an appropriate response”.


Crisis in Zimbabwe as military take control of the country?s airwaves but deny coup against Mugabe


The statement did not name those targeted and it is not clear who is leading the military action but a government source quoted by Reuters said Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo was among those detained. Chombo was a leading member of the so-called ‘G40’ faction of the ruling Zanu-PF party, led by Mugabe’s wife Grace, that had been vying to succeed the 93-year-old president.

Alex Magaisa, the former adviser to Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, told the BBC he believes the military’s claim that they haven’t carried out a coup is false.

“They have decided not to call it a coup because they know that a coup does not sell, it will be condemned,” he said. “But as far as authority is concerned it seems very clear that President Mugabe is now just a president in name and authority is now residing in the military.”

Meanwhile, the UK Foreign Office has advised Britons “currently in Harare to remain safely at home or in their accommodation until the situation becomes clearer”. The US embassy in Harare also advised US citizens in Zimbabwe to “shelter in place” until further notice. It tweeted that it would be closed on Wednesday “due to ongoing uncertainty”. The EU delegation also tweeted that it would stay closed on Wednesday.

Crisis in Zimbabwe as military take control of the country?s airwaves but deny coup against Mugabe


Watch video below.

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CNN shades Donald Trump with their hilarious ‘facts only’ campaign ad


CNN threw major shade at US President, Donald Trump with their new ad campaign.

The news website and other news networks have constantly been accused by Donald Trump of carrying fake news and they decided to set him right with their new campaign.

One of the videos was shared a few weeks ago and it features an apple and a voice over which said;

“This is an apple, Some people might try to tell you that it’s a banana. They might scream ‘Banana. Banana. Banana.’ over and over and over again. They might put ‘banana’ in all caps. You might even start to believe that this is a banana. But it’s not,. This is an apple.”

The video received mixed feelings from the public.

However, this didn’t stop CNN as they also released another video featuring an apple and Dentures as distractions. Watch the two videos below

Don’t let anything distract you from the facts. #FactsFirst ?

A post shared by CNN (@cnn) on 

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We’ll fulfill our promises on Infrastructure for the South-East – President Buhari assures Ndigbo



President Muhammadu Buhari today in Abakiliki, capital of Ebonyi State, assured Ndigbo that his administration will ensure the timely execution of roads, power and other projects in the South-East.


Addressing Ebonyi State Leaders of Thought and Traditional Rulers at a meeting in Government House, the President commended Ebonyi people for the warm reception accorded him during the State visit.


”My presence here today is a demonstration of our strong belief in the unity of Nigeria. As the most populous country in Africa, with over 300 ethnic groups, our diversity is unique among nations. When I met with leaders from the South East last month in Abuja, they raised several issues of concern, including the state of the roads and infrastructure in the region. I want to assure you that we will deliver on our promises. Our 2018 Budget includes many strategic projects for the region in the roads, power, agriculture and other sectors,’’ he said.


The President had earlier inaugurated the 14.5km Abakiliki-Afikpo Federal road constructed by the Ebonyi State Government. He also commissioned the 700 metre length of the dual flyover over the Trans-Sahara route running from Enugu to Cameroon, and the Senator Offia Nwali flyover, all in the State capital


In addition, he performed the foundation-stone laying ceremonies of Ebonyi City Mall, another flyover and road tunnel named after him.


The President also unveiled the statue of Sir Akanu Ibiam, a former governor of the old Eastern region, whom he described “as a great Nigerian, whose notable records of humanitarianism, advocacy of free primary education and rural development, will continue to be an inspiration to all.’’


President Buhari, who commended Governor David Umahi for ”his vision and commitment to the development of the State,” also thanked the traditional rulers of the State led by Eze Charles Mkpuna for conferring him with the chieftaincy title of Enyioma 1 of Ebonyi (Trustworthy friend of Ebonyi). At another event with South East traditional rulers led by Eze Eberechi Dick, the President was conferred with the chieftaincy title of Ochioha Ndigbo (Leader of Igbo people).


Earlier in an address presented on behalf of Ebonyi Elders by a former Governor of the State, Chief Sam Egwu, he appealed for more Federal presence in the State, particularly the conversion of College of Education Ikwo to a Federal College of Education.


He also called for urgent intervention by the Federal Government to curb intra-communal clashes as well as cross-border disputes in the region.

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Afrobeat legend Femi Kuti has released a single from his upcoming album titled “One People One World”. The song which premiered on Billboard earlier today is the first single off the singer’s upcoming tenth (10th) studio album of the same name which will be released on the 23rd of February 2018.


The track is classic Femi Kuti, with resounding horns and heavy percussion layered on lyrics that touch on the themes of racism and hatred while calling for unity and peace among peoples of the world.


The song, with its call to set aside differences and work towards a more peaceful world, is one that closely follows his own vocation as an activist; Kuti serves as a spokesperson for UNICEF advocating for children’s rights and is a promoter of HIV/AIDS prevention and education. He and his band, Positive Force, recorded much of the album in Lagos. The Album will be released and distributed in Nigeria by Chocolate City Music.

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Abia state house of assembly says IPOB risked the life of millions of Igbo living in the north


Abia state house of assembly says IPOB risked the life of millions of Igbo living in the north

Speaking with Vanguard newspapers, Abia state house of assembly speaker, Chikwendu Kalu has unequivocally condemned the actions of IPOB and its leader, Nnamdi Kalu saying their actions put over ten million Igbo lives at risk. He also disclosed that the Igbo quit notice was taken seriously as those who issued it were not speaking the mind of northern elders.  Read below…

Were you troubled over the recent IPOB/army clash in Abia that kept the state in the news for weeks?

Yes I was worried but I thank God for what He was able to use the governor to achieve during that period. What saved the situation was the curfew he imposed when the military came and that calmed the situation. But let me point out that the agitation on the part of Nnamdi Kanu was not done within the ambit of the law. If you have any grievance, it is incumbent on you to explore all legal avenues to redress it. It is not something you begin to militarize the environment to achieve. That is exactly what happened. Immediately after the curfew was imposed, what the House did was to condemn Kanu and adopted the position of the South-East governors by proscribing IPOB. Let me quickly point out, the young man possibly didn’t know that as at the time he was doing those things, 11.6million Igbos live outside Abia. They live in all states of the north and if anything had happened to the few northerners that were in Abia, those 11.6million Igbos may have come to harm.

I am sure you would have condemned the quit notice given by some northern youths to Igbos too?

In fact, I did not take the quit notice seriously. I read that those people were not speaking the minds of the elders of the North.

 Source: Vanguard

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