Little-Known Habits That Are Secrets To A Happy Relationship


A happy relationship is not a myth, we all can have a happy relationship but we have to make more efforts, especially on little things we think, do not really matter because at the end of it all those little things are what make major differences in keeping your relationship strong and happy.

Contrary to popular belief, a happy relationship is not a myth! I don’t intend to preach like an agony aunt but the beauty of a relationship lies in its small efforts. You don’t need to use pricey gifts and expensive dinner dates as an expression of your feelings; if they are heartfelt, your cute little efforts are enough to show how much you love your partner. The Brunette Diaries lists down the habits that are super essential for a successful relationship.

“The habit of sending cute ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ messages can never go out of fashion, especially if it’s a long-distance relationship that we’re talking about”.

“Always make sure your relationship is based on friendship as it will give you an edge over the one that is based on respect”.

“Do not sleep over a fight, no matter what the issue is, sort it out before you turn off the lights, even if it means that you need to take the initiative”.

“Don’t hold grudges, finish a fight completely and move ahead with a clean slate; don’t keep any unsaid feelings bottled up inside you”.

“Always find a little time for your partner, even if you’re super busy, you’ll be surprised to know how a 5-minute mushy phone conversation between work hours lights up yours and your partner’s face”.

“Even if cheesy romantic gestures are not your thing, throw in a few compliments and words of encouragement in your conversation once in a while, they go a long way”.

“The importance of spending quality time with your mate cannot be emphasised enough, even something as simple as sharing a meal can go miles in strengthening your bond”.

“Give yourselves a chance to miss each other and come back to some morning romance”.

“There’s no such thing like too many ‘I Love You’s in a relationship!, say it as often as you can”.

“Don’t assume, if you haven’t spoken to your partner about something that upsets you, do it right away and give your partner a chance to put their story forward instead of assuming things”.

Well, there you have it, those little and funny habits may seem funny and weird to you but they are undoubtedly things that will make your relationship happy and fun filled.

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Must Read: Woman Shares Heartbreaking Story Of How She Endured Abusive Marriage For 2 Years


A 34-year-old woman shares an emotional story of what she endured at the hands of her husband for two years. In the story the woman said her husband was a cool headed individual when they started only for him to become a monster when he lost his job.

She narrated how she was beaten, defiled and all sorts. According to her, the last straw on the camel’s back was when she found her husband unclad in the bathtub with her daughter and also when her husband asked their daughter to massage his man-hood with a vaseline.

Read her story below:


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You can catch std’s from your man’s beard!


Wearing a beard seems to be the rave of the moment among men, especially the young men.

These days, men scrape off their heads while spotting buoyant, well-nurtured beards.

Yet, experts are saying that though a well-groomed beard may appear sexy, it also  has the potential to be a breeding ground for germs, causing fungal infections and herpes.

Indeed, physicians warn that they can even carry pubic lice!

Dermatologists indeed say that a very thick beard may disguise symptoms of skin disease, and anyone who comes into close contacts with it risks being infected.

A dermatologist, Dr. Debra Jaliman, notes, “If a guy doesn’t groom his moustache and beard properly, they can become a breeding grounds for germs.

“Though the risk is small, chin and cheek hair can harbour germs that can cause infections such as herpes, fungal infections, or even a dangerous Staphylococcus infection. If you come in direct contact with any of these infectious agents, you may end up with skin problems.”

Jaliman adds that the problem partly has to do with the wiry hairs that trap sweat, bodily fluids, even bits of food, all of which serve as breeding grounds for microbes.

Another problem, Jaliman says, is that thick facial hair can camouflage symptoms of a transmissible skin issue that isn’t directly related to the beard or moustache itself, such as redness that could be from yeast or a herpes sore.

If the man doesn’t notice the signs, he could inadvertently infect his sex partner with it.

Other things you can get from hipster facial hair include warts and impetigo.

Again, she says, a bristly beard can cause irritation and a rash when rubbed against his partner’s face, which can trigger pink bumps and chafing.

How to groom facial hair

• Wash with soap at least once a day

• Inspect it regularly (say, after meals, for instance) to make sure no particles or dirt are trapped between the hairs.

• Before you engage in any direct contact with his beard, ensure that the skin around and under it is healthy, with no redness, bumps, or blisters.

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Ways To Build Intimacy In Your Relationship Aside S3x

couple-date-friends-cute-1024×640-1 (1)

S3x is an intimate act that bonds couples which are why most couples consider it as the ultimate way to build intimacy in their relationship. But there are more to relationships than s3x if you want a steady and long term relationship.

You don’t always need to be naked to develop a strong bond and build intimacy with your partner, below are simple ways to help you build intimacy in your relationship without involving s3x.

Cuddling: I am not talking about spooning or the foreplay kind of cuddling you do before s3x but I am talking about just being close to your partner before going to bed or on a lazy weekend morning is an amazing way to feel close. Curl up on the couch or bed with your partner while watching your favourite movie or series.

Keep your phone away: This is the best thing you can do in this age of social media, keep all your gadgets away and put your phone on silent mode if need be and just be alone with your partner without any distractions. “Focus on each other and make them feel that they matter the most”.

Soulful conversations: “Spare some time during the day for a heart-to-heart talk with your partner, don’t discuss responsibilities, kids, future or an irate client that you came across, talk about the two of you, bring back old memories, and appreciate each other”

Care: “Show your affection, support your partner because that’s what makes them feel cared for, make note of little things that matter to them and give them a break from daily routine someday or make them their favourite food on a regular day, you don’t need occasions to show your care because showing it on other days builds a stronger bond”.

Working out or exercising together is an excellent way to build intimacy too, you can also bond with games it help in spending quality time together.

If you are the type that is always busy during the day, spend some time with each other during a night stroll, walk hand in hand, chat about random things, smile, laugh and share your feelings, you will feel so much closer to each other.

Listen to music or even dance while doing so, offering to help your partner while in the kitchen is a great way to bond and show that you care.

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1: He gets that love sick look when he bumps into you at the grocery store…. And the library, and dinner, and the mall.

2: After you make eye contact with him from across the room, he won’t stop starring back – even after you’ve gone to the bathroom, held hands with your guy pal, and turned so your back is to him

3: He surprises you with tickets.

4: He almost beat up a guy who said you look like Gisele.. Because he thinks you are way prettier than she is.

5: He pretends to find it adorable when you kill him infront of his friend.

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Stop Searching For Rich Husbands Or Boyfriends – Chika Ike Tells Ladies


Chika Ike has advised ladies not to go after rich boyfriends or husbands but focus on being rich ..Posting a photo at her building site ,she wrote

From movie set to construction site…super exhausted!! While some women are searching for rich boyfriends or husbands ,You should focus on being rich #empoweryourself #haveyourown #realestate #workhard #worksmart #africandiva

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Relationship Expert, Joro Olumofin offers rundown of tests men ought to run on ladies before marriage to figure out if they are wife material

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Relationship blogger and psychologist Joro Olumofin advised eligible bachelors to subject their prospective wives to series of tests to determine if they are really ‘wife material’.

He shared twenty tests and told men that it was advisable to try them all before considering marriage. According to him, if the woman doesn’t pass at least 15 of the tests, he should not marry her.

Some makes sense while some are extremely daft, like this two “Wake her up 3a.m. in the morning to make you Eba and soup“. and “Tell her to courtesy by kneeling while serving you food.” Is he serious? Unbelievable. Read the rest after the cut…

“Wake her up 3a.m. in the morning to make you Eba and soup
“Tell her to go natural, No makeup, weavons or attachments.

“Tell her to courtesy by kneeling while serving you food.

“Tell her to add your mom, dad and all siblings in social media and bbm.

“Tell her she can’t watch Zeeworld or Telemundo anymore.

“Tell her your mother will be cooking for you.”

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4 Tips On Handling Conflict In Your Relationship

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Here are 4 tips to handling conflicts in a relationship:
1. Don’t Argue In Public:
Conflicts should never be dealt with in a setting where other people can eavesdrop in. What ends up happening is either you or her will feel like you’ve been put on the spot. Like before, maintain your composure and wait until you get home before continuing. And if she is the one that starts the conflict, then in a calm manner let her know that you two will deal with it later and then talk about something else.

2. Keep Your Emotions Under Control:
Don’t let your emotions get out of control, keep your cool even if she’s screaming in your face. Yes I know how hard it can be to keep your cool. But try your best to keep your emotions and especially your ACTIONS under control. It will make things a lot easier and allows you to see her side of the story without letting your animal instincts come out and try to “win” the argument.

3. Really Listen To What She Is Saying:
Don’t do anything else but listen to her. There is a reason why the issue came up. Shut up and listen to her viewpoint while having zero judgments. Look past what she’s saying and really see how what she’s saying impacts the relationship. When she realises that you’re really listening and trying to understand her viewpoint, she will lower her defenses. This will cause her to be more open to what you have to say about the issue.

4. Don’t Let It Become Immature:
You’re not going to make things better by calling her names or making your friends pick sides. This is something that only you and her will have to deal with. It is good to get another person’s perspective on things but ultimately, how the issue is handled should be up to you. And please do not resort to being physical with her.

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Actor Majid Michel gives marriage and relationship tip


The Ghanaian actor shared these wise words about marriage and relationships on his IG page. Read below

You should build “YOU” before you ever think about building a marriage. “i will die without you.” “i cannot live without you.” “if you go away, my world will crumble.” who said these are romantic statements? Those statements are not romantic!

They reflect an addictive dependency. instead of being addicted to a substance, you are addicted to a person. “i need a man.” “i need a woman.” No!! you need God!! and you need His holiness. God is saying, “please get your act together as an unmarried person. Get your standards and values settled”. if you cannot control your emotions, your passions, your feelings, your attitudes, your bad habits or your behavior as you are single now, then you are not prepared for marriage. if you need to get married to be fulfilled or loved, you are not ready for marriage. The very thing that makes you need to get married will become the problem in your marriage. Men, before you go chasing a woman, make sure she is someone you can chase until death do you part. Discover yourself first. Know yourself and find yourself through Christ before you start looking for a partner. All your secrets and depression and frustration and baggage and all your issues. if you look at yourself, you yourself will not want to take yourself home. Yet you want someone to take you home. i’m scared of anyone who is impatient for marriage. Cos u are just a parasite looking for a host. Be an asset to your partner not a deficit.

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4 Misleading Relationship Advice


Relationships are delicate, whether it is a romantic or familial relationship or simply a friendship. Many individuals, bodies or organizations often introduce or ‘reveal’ what they consider groundbreaking advice on relationships in attempt to make it better. Unfortunately, people take these advices without putting much consideration into it and find themselves in a fix when said advices fail.


Jumia Travel shares 4 misleading relationship advices in circulation and alternatives that can be of help instead. However, it is important to be aware of the fact that no one knows it all, you thus have to give thought to every advice that you are given and determine for yourself if it is sensible enough to follow.



There are aspects of a relationship that are pure bliss, but to say that a relationship should continually bring joy relates the experience of being in a relationship to a fairytale. Relationships should not bring you sadness, but the truth is sometimes they do. If you are not prepared for this truth, you go into a relationship, especially a romantic relationship, and find yourself taken by surprise. You then conclude that because of a number sad moments in your relationship, it is has failed to give you joy and thus promptly end the relationship.


In relationships of any kind, especially those that you go into rather being born into, patience is key. Make peace with the fact that relationships do bring sadness, even though we don’t want it to be so. Weigh how much joy your relationship brings you against how much sadness it brings? Think of it critically. Decide how much of the not so beautiful parts of a relationship you are willing to endure before you decide to let go.


For relationships you are born into, blood relationships for example, even if things get ugly you can’t just opt out. Even if it does bring you more sadness than pain, you unfortunately cannot opt out of it so easily because blood ties are strong and nearly unbreakable. You must learn to make peace with such relationships and find a way to deal with it. You’ll eventually pull through.



This is a tricky one. But please don’t tell you partner or friend or sibling or parent in a relationship everything, especially if they do not ask. Instead of blurting out every sordid detail to them, pay them the greatest respect by giving them a choice – ask them if they want to know.


If you must be honest, don’t rob the person you are being honest to of their right to choose to know what you want to share. Pay them this respect and they will appreciate you for it, even if they end up not liking what you have to say. Remember; let it be their choice not yours.



For a moment, think about someone or something you really love. Ask yourself if you have at any point tried to either make improvements to or make better that person or thing. Why do you then want someone to settle for you, without trying in some way to help you get better?


You try to improve what you love. You buy expensive clothes for your mother or father who cannot afford to buy expensive clothes, because you want them to look good, you want them to look better. You send your children to better schools than yourself, because you want them to have better opportunities than you did. You willingly share your salary with your siblings, so they can have enough money to afford some of the things you couldn’t afford when you were in the same position as they were, because you want to see them better. Trying to help the one you love improve and get better is a sign of love and acceptance. It is a sign that you are their only option, so they want to help you be the best of yourself.


See this as an expression of love, listen to them and try to make the improvements they suggest as much as you can. But with every advice, there is the option of taking or leaving it. When they make suggestions of improvements that are outside what you can accommodate or compromise, let them know. However they react to it is their choice, as you have already made yours. But the crux of the matter is do not reject your partner for trying to make you better, understand it as an expression of love and react to it with this knowledge.



No man is an island and even in relationships, you both cannot exist apart from everyone else. However, the fact that you should share your issues doesn’t mean you should share it with friends or family members. Please don’t. Instead share issues that you and your partner know in your heart cannot be solved between yourselves, with a professional – a third party that is not only experienced in their discipline but also has no personal connection to the two of you, someone who cannot in the long run take sides. For this reason, there a marriage counselors around the country and even in churches (for the Christians among you).

Please you cannot solve every issue in your relationship on your own or with your partner. Accept this truth and get help – the right help.

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Ten Signs That Say He’s A Player


Always having mixed feelings about that guy? Whether or not he’s into you? Or is he just out to get you? Fret no more. Follow this list to see if your man is actually everybody’s man,especially when he starts acting off.

He can’t remember your name; This should be like the most obvious sign. He ain’t your man if he can’t even remember who you are. keep in mind that ‘baby’ or ‘sweetheart’ is not a name,its an endearment


He keeps comparing you to other girls; Your man ought to appreciate you the way you are. If he keeps comparing you to other girls,then its likely to be that he’s with those other girls. His eye is already outside so don’t try to change who you are because of him. It won’t change anything. Guys who love you tend to not care about how you look and how you smell, they love you for who you are And not the amount of makeup you can wear for them. But if the guy you’re seeing complains a lot, even when you’re looking your best,he says you could look better, every effort you make seems to go to waste And your feelings end up getting hurt in the end, you’re probably with a player!


Is evasive about personal things;You’re unlikely to hear about a player’s dreams, aspirations, insecurities, etc.  Good players don’t want to tell you anything that could be used against them, and really, what’s the use of opening up to someone you don’t view as a potential partner?


He never has time for you; When a guy truly loves you, he treasures every single moment he spends with you. He knows your time is valuable and he always makes sure he gets to spend plenty of time with you and never says no to meeting you. Its not a lap dog thingy. Its a matter of interest. But if the guy you’re seeing cancels a lot of plans with you, he makes plans and then bails at the last minute, it might be because he had someone else to meet who was more important. Don’t get me wrong, canceling on plans isn’t always a big deal, everyone gets busy every once in a while, but if it seems to happen every other day,then you’re being played on.


He has a myriad of female friends; Its not bad for him to have a female friend or two but when he turns into customer care agent because of them,then there’s a problem. There’s nothing wrong with guys having female friends as much as there’s nothing wrong with girls having male friends. But if they have an unhealthy amount of female friends, so much so that they are Always on the phone with one or the other, even when you’re hanging out with them he’s talking about some other friend of his and doesn’t pay attention to what you have to say, it is a clear sign of you being played and You need to move on! better fishes in the sea baby.


Pushes for intimacy on the first date; Players know that modern girls are flakes. Whether they put value on the immediate one night stand doesn’t matter. They know they have to push the interaction as far as possible to get the girl invested and maximize the chance she will return.If you’re with a guy who would rather be in bed with you than talk to you, you’re not with the right guy and He’s playing on you. Physical intimacy is important in every relationship but it shouldn’t DEFINE the relationship. If the guy you’re seeing just always rushes to intimacy and doesn’t even ask you how you’re feeling, if by any chance you say no to him he throws a huge fit about it and start blaming you for everything, you’re with a player and you need to stop seeing him!


He is the most charming; Nerds are hardly flirts. Chances are that he practices what he says in front of a mirror everyday and regardless of how charming he may be,keep in mind that you’re not the only girl he says them to. He’s good with the ladies yunno


He Doesn’t Discuss Deep Issues With You; If a guy truly loves you,he should be able to open up to you on deep personal issues affecting him and how you can solve it together. If that doesn’t happen and all you discuss are shallow baseless topics,then the relationship is doomed even before it begins. If all he does is talk like a flirt,then he has no intention of being serious with you.


Avoids PDA at all costs, especially if he’s better looking than you; The player needs some plausible deniability should he run into one of his other conquests. He also doesn’t want to devalue himself in the eyes of women or other men if he is with someone beneath his level


Won’t let you snoop through his phone; Hell nah! There is no way he is going to let you go through his phone if he is a player,unless of course,he has filtered it and only has what you want to see there.

So ladies,take good note of these attitudes next time you’re with your man.



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