My short  trip to maiduguri revealed to me what the media hasn’t told me about this beautiful hub of learning, hub of resources and hub of economic activities

Of all the places I have visited in Nigeria, Borno is probably one of the most fascinating and this is purely based on the few places I visited there.

Spent less than 20 minutes with the  Borno state governor but what I learnt about  Borno and Nigeria as a whole is priceless .

Imagine Borno being the most important commercial centre in Nigeria.

From being in the Lagos House in Maiduguri to the array of catfish displayed across various junctions to my night at the Barwee suites.

With little or no instructions from traffic wardens,everyone driving even cyclists obeyed traffic lights .

There were too many institutions of learning , I even lost count

In my short stay with the Governor, I found out A borno man has no business being poor, Borno state  is the largest in terms of land mass in Nigeria hence a world of opportunities is readily available to all.

Borno State is the most important commercial center in Nigeria,
Even the economy of kano depends on maiduguri

The Highest cash processing unit in the whole of West Africa is in a bank in Maiduguri

Most of the products that reach West Africa pass through Maiduguri  and as much as one thoudand trucks plight maiduguri to  Chad,Sudan, Libya and various parts of the world

And hey, they also use yellow keke napeps just like Lagos.

In fact everyone should visit Borno to know how beautiful and historic it is

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