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By Richard Wiseman

Richard Wiseman - fifty nine Seconds
Think a bit, swap a Lot

A psychologist and best-selling writer provides us a myth-busting reaction to the self-help flow, with counsel and tips to increase your lifestyles that come instantly from the medical community.

Richard Wiseman has been bothered by way of the belief that the self-help usually promotes routines that break motivation, harm relationships, and decrease creativity: the other of every little thing it offers. Now, in fifty nine Seconds, he fights again, bringing jointly the various clinical recommendation that may assist you switch your lifestyles in below a minute, and publications you towards turning into extra decisive, extra imaginitive, extra engaged, and altogether extra happy.

From temper to reminiscence, persuasion to procrastination, resilience to relationships, Wiseman outlines the learn helping the recent technology of "rapid change" and, with readability and infectious enthusiasm, describes how those quirky, occasionally counterintuitive suggestions might be easily integrated into your way of life. Or, as he loves to say: "Think a bit, switch a lot."

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In order to understand the cultural presuppositions underlying the contemporary claim that mysticism is antithetical to rationality it is necessary to consider the origin of such claims. Why is mysticism so frequently claimed to be irrational and subjective in modern Western culture? There are a number of reasons for this, most notably the rise of secular rationalism and the location of religion and mysticism firmly within the private (as opposed to the public) sphere. In fact, ‘the mystical’ has tended to be defined in post-Kantian thought in direct opposition to the ‘rational’.

For the author of The Cloud of Unknowing, as indeed for John of the Cross,35 Pseudo-Dionysius36 (and, one should note, the occasional female mystic), visionary experiences are valid but only at a lower level. Such visions can be sources of attachment and intellectual narrowness, since they involve the visual (or aural) embodiment of God. However, as the transcendent Creator, God can never be encapsulated by the limitations of the human sense organs! The two positions do not have to be polarized, however, and it seems to me that Teresa of Avila is a good example of a mystic who manages to emphasize the importance of visions while giving greater final authority to non-sensory experiences of the divine.

One hardly need point to the political consequences of such attitudes towards non-Western philosophies and cultures. The power of definitions 29 Postcolonial critics have pointed to the ethnocentricity of much Orientalist historiography. The most influential example being James Mill’s A History of British India with its periodization of Indian history culminating in the ‘liberating arrival’ of the British. Eurocentric bias, however, is also apparent in the various histories of philosophy that continue to be produced, with their pointed exclusion of any intellectual thought from non-Western cultures.

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