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By Martin Hinds, El-Said Badawi

The easiest dictionary of its style. Idioms, instance sentences in designated transcription, illustrations within the again. This dictionary is meant to meet a longstanding desire at the a part of audio system of English for a dictionary with which to understand Egyptian Arabic. The language defined this is primarily spoken language and, as such, it can be contrasted with formal written language.
Арабско-английский словарь. Слова, идиомы, дублирование произношения латиницей. Иллюстрации касаются арабской специфики - музыкальные инструменты, одежда, орнаменты и т.д.

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Eandu 25 mimma gamiil-u riJi gibna w- riJi zatuun wi- riJi sardiin ma-tliddi-j he has something of everything -cheese, olives, sardines, and what have you. 2 repeated, as a set phrase to introduce a riddle. riJi riJi xarab-ha w-miJi = guess who? guess who? , guess who did that). 3 with the meaning 'something' in the rhyme: xuf/ b- riJi tibqa riJi - xuf/ ba/aaf tibqa wa/aa-j enter with something and you'll be something, enter with nothing and you'll be nothing. ;. :) rufiyya In pI rawaafil [Chr) prayer, intercession.

H ritra/fi/lvil to grumble, express anger, displeasure or disgust. socii ra/andi In pi -yya. ra/andiyyaatl I Egyptian man in western clothes. 2 title of. and form of address or reference to. an Egyptian man from the middle class. rafaad ra/andi ... Mr. Rashad. ya-/andi Sir! ya ra/andi or ya ra/andii-na a pompous and condescending form of the preceding. ril- ra/andi btaar;-i my husband. II ra/andii-na title of the former Khedives of Egypt. 3 title of. and form of address or reference to, a school-teacher.

Tfal) bi-sm-illa = please help yourself! (an invitation to share food). - bi-sm illaahi r-rafJmaan ir-rafJiim [lsI] invocation of divine protection used at the beginning of any task, no matter how great or small. - fism in-nabi fJars-u w-~ayn­ u may the Prophet's name guard and protect him (used in conversation about a child). - da-sm-u kalaam is that any way to talk? - lazzeet-u lal-baab wi-sm-i faddeet waagib I only paid him my condolences at the door, but one may say I've done my duty. -bi-yruufJu l-madrasa ma-b-yilmiluu-/ fJaaga wil- fism i mudarrisiin they go to school and do nothing and for that they get called teachers.

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