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By Paul C. Jong

In Christianity this day, the main usually mentioned concerns are ''salvation from sin'' and ''the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.'' although, few humans have specific wisdom of those principles, although they're the 2 most crucial options in Christianity. what's worse, we will not locate any biblical writing that teaches us in actual fact in regards to the concerns above. there were plenty of Christian authors glorifying the presents of the Holy Spirit or describing the Spirit-filled lives. yet any of them dares to accommodate the elemental query, ''How can a believer without doubt obtain the Holy Spirit?'' Why? fantastic fact is they could not write approximately it in full-scale simply because they did not have designated wisdom of it. As Prophet Hosea cried out, ''My individuals are destroyed for loss of knowledge,'' these days, no longer a couple of Christians are drawn into non secular fanaticism, hoping to obtain the Holy Spirit. they suspect that they're going to obtain the Holy Spirit by means of attaining a nation of ! frenzy and hysteria. however it isn't any exaggeration to claim that their so-called religion reduces Christianity to mere shallow Shamanism, and that such fanaticism derives from devil.

The writer Rev. Paul C. Jong dares to proclaim the reality. He offers the fundamental matters in full-scale, which such a lot religious writers have avoided for a very long time. He first defines the which means of ''being born again'' and ''the indwelling of the Holy Spirit,'' and explains the inevitable dating among the 2 pivotal thoughts. Then he runs the entire gamut of description in regards to the Holy Spirit, from ''how to parent the spirits'' to ''the approach to Spirit-filled lives.'' for additional information, the writer advises you to envision the contents of this e-book published in this web content.

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This is the beautiful gospel of truth. Just as Aaron the high priest offered the sacrifice for atonement in place of the people of Israel, John the Baptist, one of the descendants of Aaron, carried out the task as the representative of mankind by baptizing Jesus, and thereby passing all the sins of mankind on to Him. God described such a wonderful plan of His love in the Bible as follows in Psalms 50:4-5, “He shall call to the heavens from above, and to the earth, that He may judge His people: Gather My saints together to Me, those who have made a covenant ◄ CONTENTS ► 57 Did You Receive the Holy Spirit When You Believed in Jesus?

John the Baptist came into the world before Jesus. His role was to fulfill the beautiful gospel, which was God’s plan. The Bible says that Jesus accepted all the sins of the world from John and that John passed them on to Him to fulfill God’s will. We call him John the Baptist because he baptized Jesus. What meaning does the baptism of Jesus by John really have? ” Since all the sins of the world were transferred to Jesus through His baptism, they have been washed away. Jesus’ baptism had the same meaning as “the laying on of hands” that the sin offering received in the Old Testament.

Shivering and they even show symptoms of personality disorder. If you meet a shaman or fortuneteller, can you assert that they have sound personalities? They often talk rudely to people who are much older than they are. However, people who have the true indwelling of the Holy Spirit have received Him by believing in the biblical truth that says that Jesus cleansed all the sins of world through His baptism and death on the Cross. These people also help others know and believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, and help them receive the remission of sins and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

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