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A transparent web page through web page black and white experiment of Seow's grammar.

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I. ill':::! T ' 17. 8. iiN i:ir:J~ T: • ii~~ I I. 2. 4· NW~ 6. ) I 2. I I. burnt offerings messengers ilYi ..... 16. il~~,r-i T : 5· r 8. " il1':lr T I 2. " il1iY T 6. words 7. iniquities c. Translate the following into Hebrew: I. spirits 13. (two) hands 2. 8. battles 5. places 3. rams I 14. ) palaces 9. masters 10. 4. lights 5. stones that you recognize and translate them. ~1 d. Read out loud the following passage. Then pick out the words . 1 Nouns Lesson V 1. , qll). In some cases, the fact that there are two identical radicals does not pose any problem.

N~! (olive) 18. T i1iir-t (law) I I. :J~N (enemy) 3. yii~ (lord) 2. 12. ~ (god) 6. b. Write the following in Hebrew: 5. prophets (two) eyes face IO. judgments 1. 11. judges 6. heaven 7. priests 12. (two) hands 3. kingdoms 8. mothers 2. 4. (two) ears c. Read the following passage out loud. Then pick out the words that you recognize and translate them. ") ·prcq ni:J:JW c·t, ip~ 1i~'? l< rii; niiiJOO C'7~1 11~ ntl~GO ~ih ::l? (Prov 6:17-18) 1. Lesson IV Hebrew Roots and Patterns Every Hebrew word is theoretically characterized by (a) its root, usually comprised of three consonants called "radicals;' and (b) by its pattern, the combination of the radicals with various vowels, prefixes, and I or suffixes, if any.

I qeralo! qeralim qeral6! qeralim qeral6! Plural Sego/ate Nouns I 43 ,, girl qorel Summary: Segolates ''"qorl ('' qurl) 3. Irregular Plurals men O'lVJN • T-: 0'1J~ brothers T ni::JN fathers Some plural nouns look substantially different from the singular. The following are some of the most important. T ::JN father T nN brother W'~ man O'r-1::2 houses O'lVJ women • T O'J::2 sons • house niJ::i daughters T :,tz;N woman son days 0'~' • T 0'lPN1T heads "T T • T "IT n~ daughter 0'1Y cities n~~ Ci' day p city ,,~ lVNi head ni::11$) Vocabulary father (irreg.

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