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A Latin Grammar offers transparent, concise, and simply understood causes of all of the key issues of Latin grammar. With extra gains comparable to a word list of grammatical phrases, a vocabulary checklist masking the entire Latin phrases present in the most textual content, examine tips, and notes on Roman dates, funds, weights and measures, and names, it guarantees that scholars have the entire aid they should supplement their language studying. A Latin Grammar additionally bargains countless numbers of instance sentences illustrating grammatical issues, an evidence of literary phrases, and a useful consultant to pronunciation. this convenient reference is helping scholars deliver this influential language to existence.

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10 The horse was worth a lot of money but I bought it cheaply. 11 She is much more stupid than her brother. 12 I forgot his words, but my friend remembered them. | Reference Grammar | Nouns 1st declension 2nd declension stems in -a stems in -o feminine masculine neuter puell-a (girl) puell-ae puell-ae puell-am puell-a domin-us (master) domin-I domin-o domin-um domin-o bell-um (war) bell-I bell-o bell-um bell-o puell-ae puell-arum puell-Is puell-as puell-Is domin-I domin-orum domin-Ts domin-os domin-Ts bell-a bell-orum bell-Is bell-a bell-Is singular nom.

Acr-e acr-is acr-I acr-e acr-I pauper-es pauper-um pauper-ibus pauper-es pauper-ibus pauper-a pauper-um pauper-ibus pauper-a pauper-ibus acr-es acr-ium acr-ibus acr-es acr-ibus acr-ia acr-ium acr-ibus acr-ia acr-ibus plural nom. gen. dat. acc. abl. 1. But f. acr-is; acr-is; acr-T; etc. &f. omnis (all) omn-is omn-T x omn-em omn-I n. omn-e omn-is omn-I omn-e omn-T nom. gen. dat. acc. abl. omn-es omn-ium omn-ibus omn-es (-Is) omn-ibus omn-ia omn-ium omn-ibus omn-ia omn-ibus singular nom. gen. dat.

The present tense, 2. the present infinitive, 3. the perfect tense. supine — this is a part of the verb (the fourth of the principal parts) from which other forms of the verb, especially the passive, and also derived nouns can be predicted. It is occasionally used in its own right (see p. 97). g. / (conative). g. g. / (aorist). ', 'you will have done', etc. v< a finite verb — a verb in a tense. indicative — this term tells us that a verb in a tense is not in the subjunctive (see below). It is making a statement.

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