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Histoire Du Maghreb Médiéval: VIIe-XIe Siècle

Entre l’Antiquité romaine et l’époque moderne, les siècles qui virent se développer l’islamisation, le califat fatimide et les empires berbères sont mal connus. Cette synthèse inédite offre un outil complet et pédagogique pour découvrir le Maghreb médiéval : des présentations événementielles, des textes et des files iconographiques traitent tous les points, politiques, économiques, sociétaux et culturels de ces régions.

Disability in Twentieth-Century German Culture (Corporealities: Discourses of Disability)

"Comprehensively researched, abundantly illustrated and written in obtainable and fascinating prose . . .   With nice ability, Poore weaves different sorts of proof, together with historic resources, artwork, literature, journalism, movie, philosophy, and private narratives right into a tapestry which illuminates the cultural, political, and fiscal approaches answerable for the marginalization, stigmatization, even removal, of disabled people---as good as their contemporary emancipation. "
---Disability experiences Quarterly

"A significant, long-awaited booklet. The bankruptcy on Nazi photographs is brilliant---certainly the simplest that has been written during this area by means of any pupil. "
---Sander L. Gilman, Emory University

"An vital and pathbreaking publication . . . immensely fascinating, it is going to attraction not just to scholars of twentieth-century Germany yet to all these drawn to the becoming box of incapacity reports. "
---Robert C. Holub, college of Tennessee

Disability in Twentieth-Century German tradition covers the total scope of Germany's such a lot tragic and tumultuous century---from the Weimar Republic to the present administration---revealing how crucial the concept of incapacity is to trendy German cultural background. by way of reading quite a lot of literary and visible depictions of incapacity, Carol Poore explores the contradictions of a state popular for its social prone courses but infamous for its heritage of obligatory sterilization and eugenic dogma. This accomplished quantity focuses specific awareness at the horrors of the Nazi period, while people with disabilities have been thought of "unworthy of life," but additionally investigates different formerly neglected issues together with the exile community's reaction to incapacity, socialism and incapacity in East Germany, present bioethical debates, and the increase and earnings of Germany's incapacity rights movement.

Richly illustrated, wide-ranging, and available, incapacity in Twentieth-Century German tradition offers all these attracted to incapacity stories, German stories, visible tradition, Nazi historical past, and bioethics the chance to discover arguable questions of individuality, normalcy, citizenship, and morality. The publication concludes with a memoir of the author's studies in Germany as an individual with a disability.

Carol Poore is Professor of German reports at Brown University.

Illustration: "Monument to the Unknown Prostheses" via Heinrich Hoerle © 2007 Artists Rights Society (ARS), big apple / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

A quantity within the sequence Corporealities: Discourses of Disability

"Insightful and meticulously researched . . . utilizing incapacity as an idea, image, and lived adventure, the writer bargains worthwhile new insights into Germany's political, monetary, social, and cultural personality . . . Demonstrating the numerous ‘cultural phenomena' of incapacity ahead of and lengthy after Hitler's reign achieves a number of very important theoretical and sensible goals . . . hugely instructed. "

Apollo Expeditions to the Moon

Awarded along with the fortieth anniversary of the lunar touchdown, this re-creation of an legit NASA booklet offers the exciting inside of tale of the Apollo application. Written in direct, jargon-free language and that includes quite a few illustrations, this compelling event good points essays by means of engineers, directors, and astronauts that bear in mind the demanding situations linked to placing males at the moon.

Les principes de l'analyse mathematique expose historique et critique

Excerpt from Les Principes de l'Analyse Mathématique, Exposé Historique Et Critique, Vol. 2: los angeles Géométrie Algébrique; Extensions de l'Algebre Et buildings Logiques; Extensions de l'Algebre: Les Developpements en sequence; l. a. Methode Analytique en Mathematiques; examine Infinitésimale; examine des Principes MathématiquesCette méthode de résolution est los angeles plus uncomplicated en théorie; mais, dans los angeles pratique on a avantage à corporation d'autres méthodes voir les cours de trigonométrie.

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1). 1 1960 A New Phototropic Substance and its ESR. Taro Hayashi, Kodo Maeda, Shoji Shida and Kazuo Nakada. J. Chem. Phys. 32, 1568 (1960). Oxidn. of 1 g. lophine (2,4,5-triphenylimidazole) by 12 g. KOH in 100 cc, EtOH or by Br in EtOH gave a phototropic substance (I) considered to be an imidazole derivative. When 450 vcc. 1% K3 Fe(CN)6 aq. soln. was added during 1 hr. with stirring by an O stream to the above KOH mixt. of I, the initial violet color disappeared. Working up gave yellow prisms, m.

Of Br to the Na salt dispersed in anhyd. Et2 O yields I, which dissociates into 2 imidazolyl radicals (II). , and light favor the formation of II. Thermodynamic data of the dissocn. /◦ mole. The following I were prepd. p. given): Ph, Ph, Ph, 195◦ ; p-tolyl, Ph, Ph, 190◦ ; p-MeOC6 H4 , Ph, Ph, 146◦ ; Ph, pMeOC6 H4 , p-MeOC6 H4 , 175◦ ; p-MeOC6 H4 , p-MeOC6 H4 , p-MeOC6 H4 , 120◦ ; p-tolyl, p-tolyl, p-tolyl, ∼ 180◦ (obtained only in 95% purity); p-Me2 NC6 H4 , Ph, Ph, 103◦ (very unstable, excluded from thermodynamic studies).

The substituent effect is related to that in the intramol. charge-transfer bands of 1-(p-substituted phenyl)pyrroles. The longest wavelength absorption band of the title compd. (I) is an intramol charge-transfer band. The solvent and temp. effects are consistent with this interpretation. Studies on Nitrogen-Containing Heterocyclic Free Radicals. XXI. Dissociation Constants of Dimers of Triarylimidazolyls. P. (Mord. Gos. , Saransk, USSR). Zh. Org. Khim. ). Dissocn. of I 41 42 6. A Survey of HABI Publications (R = H, R1 = H, 3-Br, 4-Br, 3-Cl, 3-Me, 4-Me, 4-MeO; R1 = 4-Ph, R = H, 4-Br, 4-Cl, 4-MeO, 4-Me, R = 4-Ph, R1 = H, 3-Br, 4-Br, 3-Cl, 3-Me, 4-Me) was studied spectrophotometrically in one or more of C6 H6 , PhOMe, PhNO2 , and PhMe; thermodn.

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