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By Gobel R., Hill P., Liebert W. (eds.)

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The wider bands, however, were not sufficient to stop speculation against the weak currencies, particularly sterling, and an era of floating exchange rates was ushered in in 1972 with the United Kingdom's decision to float the pound. K. Experience rapidly, and by mid-1973 most of the major currencies were floating against each other. In a world of capital movements one of the intrinsic problems of an adjustable peg system with little flexibility is containing speculative pressure against a currency which traders feel will ultimately have to be devalued.

We concentrate first on the demand for and supply of foreign currency for trading purposes. K. S. supply curve of imports. S. K. K. S. goods. Imports may be either competitive or non-competitive with domestic goods. Competitive imports ftll the gap between the domestic demand for a commodity and its domestic supply. For most of these goods the demand for imports will be more elastic than the demand for the goods that the imports compete with (importables) because as the domestic price of the goods falls not only does domestic demand increase but also supply contracts.

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